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  1. I sure hope you can say dinger on the radio
  2. Skynet is real and it's horny as fuck
  3. They told me I would face garnishment but I didn't expect to get paid in parsley
  4. Turns out that when it comes to blunt instruments, the hair club is one of the worst
  5. I got a good deal on a mustard-colored supercomputer. It's a Cray Groupon
  6. And I'm not hot to trot but I am all up to gallup!
  7. And bang a hooker like a pressure cooker!
  8. the_muteKi

    Episode 446 - Scrounging and Lounging

    Absolutely beautiful but I am greatly disappointed that BCB did not in fact decide to title his new political commentary soup bubble show "Pho Logo"
  9. the_muteKi

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    Also, someone should put up the timekeeper rap on youtube and claim it's a song off the new Drake album
  10. the_muteKi

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    Good-ass episode. I was going to complain that having Timekeeper and Lennon in the same room and not going in on the whle "8 days a week" thing is a silly waste but then I realized that was a thing y'all did back in the Christmas episode so it's all OK. (Timekeeper didn't get enough TIME but then again, I don't think it's possible for him to get enough TIME.) Anyway give the Timekeeper more TIME next TIME. It's what he would want, I think.
  11. "good morning and, like, welcome to comedy bong binge duuuuuuuuuuuude"
  12. the_muteKi

    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    really regretting not making my name sexico magnifico
  13. the_muteKi

    EPISODE 368 — Ric Bic For President

    I don't usually comment on the advertisers, but it just reminded me of the time that I showed a lady named Lisa my extra six inches in bed. Anyway long story short it went terribly because I was still under the impression that sex was naked wrestling and it turns out that suplexing is something you need to pre-negotiate
  14. the_muteKi

    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    According to Mike the Janitor this is real I think you could make a solid-length episode "best of" that's just a supercut of the Time Keeper and every time they said Hey Nong Man on this one. Also, the ceebeebies used to sell a talking tang, a cursory google search has proven to me
  15. Face down, ass up, that's the way we like to plank
  16. Celebrate the spirit of the season with a nice refreshing glass of heynong!
  17. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, the comedy show where the points don't matter and everything's made up. Like the points. We don't have those.