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  1. *pushes glasses up, clears throat* well exCUSE me Scott but as a member of the Michael Jackson defense force I have to say that you are absolutely wrong. There was never any evidence that Michael Jackson molested kids. Sure, there's open evidence and testimony even from himself that he plied them away from their parents and guardians with money, alcohol, and kept them alone in his well-guarded bedroom and deprived them of normal childhood socialization, but there's absolutely no evidence that Michael Jackson ever molested a child. And believe me, I have spent a very long time searching for it  And if there were such evidence I would have seen all of it  Did you know that the FBI spent over a decade collecting newspaper reports about Michael Jackson's behavior? It's true. And none of those articles detailed any sort of sexual abuse. I can't believe anyone would tarnish his legacy over what he did. He was the King of Pop, and when has a king ever behaved badly? Plus, Macaulay Culkin says he was never touched by Jackson and that was like the same time he was at his peak with the Home Alone movies like what kind of self-respecting pedo wouldn't try to tap th



    also you can totally get more than just 150 pokemon in kanto. electivire. magmortar. tangrowth. porygon-2 and porygon-z. rhyperior. maybe even magnezone, glaceon, and leafeon. no I can't believe what i'm saying either


    PS great ep, surely gonna be one of the tops of the whole year.