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  1. nohorseman for Earwolf's Chief Data Officer.
  2. Auden

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    Hot. As long as there's no slobbering. It's been a long time since I'd read "Like Water for Chocolate" and watched its adaptation, but I vaguely remember the book and the movie being, ahem, absorbing. I think "Simply Irresistible" came at the tail end of the trend where filmmakers explored the sensuality in food in movies like "Tampopo", "Chocolat", "Woman on Top" and of couse "LWfC".
  3. Mmmm, I love fucking. -- Claudia O'Doherty as Kim Cattrall Speaking of Sex and the City, Hayes and Eggs are working on Sarah Jessica Parker's new show on HBO, Divorce. It looks good! [media='']https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m0Gc3_Wjvs[/media]
  4. Thanks, silvrwoman! The Hollywood Handbook Wikia is awesome. I've used it frequently myself. Sadly, I'm very stupid with computer stuff and it'll take me ages to learn how to edit a wiki (me posting on forums is pretty much the extend of my computer prowess). But whoever wants to repost the stuff in my post to the Wikia, please feel free. If we want to delve a bit more into the Nazi conspiracy, one could say that HH is an abbreviation for the salute to the genocidal dictator. But it couldn't be, Beverly from Ronna & Beverly would've stamped out any real or imagined signs of Nazism at Earwolf. By the way, I would dearly love for Hayes and Sean (not "Hayes" and "Sean") to be on Ronna & Beverly. Chris Bannon's tetraphobia is odd. It's usually seen in East Asian cultures. Maybe it's the content ninja in him. Sean mentioned that many "greasers, stoners, dweebies and burners," listen to I4H. Good on the show for capturing the 50s teens demographic.
  5. Sigh. Double post. Proving how bad I am at computering.
  6. A few of the bits I like, and some comments. 1. Sean asking Matt Besser to explain his statement, "People can sing together, they can't talk together." MB: You can sing together, like a choir-- SC: Like Scripps acquired Earwolf. 2. You heard it on HH first. The hip style is no longer normcore, it's Chriscore. "[Chris Bannon] said he tried to stop it. But there was so much momentum behind Chriscore, he couldn't even." Chriscore people wear Chris Bannon style glasses and nice ironed pants. Their shirts are starched and tucked in. They give you advice. 3. This exchange about why Chris Bannon wants to punch Sean and not Hayes is legitimately heartbreaking. HD: And I think it's because he knows it would hurt me more to see Sean get hurt, than for him to hurt myself, my own body. SC: Yeah, and that if I watch Hayes get beat up, that I probably would not really react. MB: That's sad. SC: Sad for me too. HD: It's okay, it's okay. SC: Ah I wish I wasn't like that. I think Chris Bannon picked (on) Sean because he's a natural prey. And any concerns about him tazzing out are solved by a starchy lunch like yucca flour. 4. Sean and Hayes on how Hayes is bad at fingering. SC: It's like a maze in there for him. HD: I know it's something with the alphabet. 5. The last lines of the show are a perfect and rather sweet nod to Adam Sachs. The boys and Besser thought that Chris Bannon tortured Adam Got Sacked? on his last day. Besser wondered what Chris Bannon might try to get out of Adam Sachs. Sean answered, "Well, I can tell you what I hope. I hope, that he wanted Adam Sachs to contact the Guice Mann about maybe giving Hayes and I each our own individual shoe."
  7. Not a big baby but a buff baby. Sean was probably attempting to display his Buddhist faith with a (incorrect) Manji. From Adam Sachs' lovely farewell message: HH is the only show mentioned in Sachs' message. I don't think he's being sarcastic, but I had no idea Sachs and the boyz are that close.
  8. Look whose singly-hosted episode got on Podmass. No, not Hayes'. Sean's! So the takeaway lesson here is that, other than the fact that Sean can "do that", vengeance is a great reason to do things.
  9. Me. I don't have time! I'm too busy relistening to the ones i've heard.
  10. Ah, Frank Sriracha. He did hot sauce songs like "I've Got Cholula on Top of My Fish", "Fly Me to the Loo", "Theme From Milk Now, Milk Now", "Young for Heart(burn)", and "My Way".
  11. AAAAA++++++ post. Will read again.
  12. This post Bart-Simpson-soap-tailed with HH's convo on "The Simpsons" from last week.
  13. They've made "Teen Pope" into a min-series! Wait, there's no Jason Attitude in a tennis match. Oh, it's "The Young Pope", starring Jude Law as Lenny Belardo (later Pius XIII). [media="] [/media]
  14. Yeah. After Chris opened up about his compressed air habit, Sean immediately launched into the topic of the raptors (dinosaurs again). But It's good that Chris doesn't do emotional manipulations like threatening to kill himself by eating a sweatshirt to make others read an ad-copy, which, going by the unfolding sounds, is the size of a world map.
  15. Surely not greater than Frankingstein. I bet he double posts a lot.
  16. Because of the double post? You're right.
  17. @lizzy: All 3 Jurassic Park movies are on Netflix now!
  18. I've listened to quite a few episodes of HH countless times. I'm a repeat listener and viewer. I find that I'm always discovering new things when I listen/watch things again. Like, the other day, when I watched Jurassic Park for the ?th time I realized that Hammond spared no expense on everything except for Newman. I don't think it's insane to revisit the things one loves.
  19. Oh nice! There are Lonely Island fans here. If you haven't seen Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping yet, it's great. I had a corker of a time. Here's a cool jam from the movie. [media=''] [/media]
  20. But this is such a familiar story though. A dame walked into a private detective's dark dank basement forum and his whole life is thrown into non-chaos.