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  1. Oh, Megs is a human woman--a species whose nuneno (sp?) Sean is addicted to even though having sex with one is very painful for him. I thought Megs is a megalodon woman.
  2. It's sweet when Hayes reminded Sean to get water while at Brett's since he wouldn't have access to water later on. Maybe Jon Gabrus thought it's ok to take Brett's nickname, the Layman, because Gabrus gave Brett the character Mr. Sogyny. I have hacked into Earwolf and here is a BTS pic of Sean. This is what Brett should do with the safety pins. It's an item from Five Four Club's "Forward" profile collection.
  3. I can understand why Engineer Brett would want to sabotage Hayes and Sean. Engineer Cody said in the Loot Crate ad that half his day rate is $3, so his full day rate is $6 (the numbers are right, trust me, I'm a math major). Let's say, since Brett is Lead Engineer, that his day rate is $12. Assuming that he works 5 days a week, he makes $240 a month at Earwolf. That's very little to live on! Even if he side-hustles on the weekends as an Uber driver and/or even if his girlfriend Busby helps him out, it's still a tough living. Especially if you are paying for other people's phone bills and clothing subscription services (and only getting upcyclyed cardboard clothes out of the latter), and supplying other people with sprinkler water. Foot!
  4. The shoes and the L.A. Weekly plaque. I doubt I could ever tire of those evergreens.
  5. Podmass'ed! With Hayes getting double nods this week.
  6. Auden

    Episode 396 - The Intern Challenge

    Love this ep! Scott: What isn't a prison pussy? RIP Paul Scheer. Who's going to get HDTGM and the Widow June? Great to hear that Marissa has been "consistently" recording Womp It Up episodes, looking forward to them. And I like how St. Clair helped Huebel and Gabrus with their plugs by having her character ask them what their shows are, giving them an organic "in" to describe their shows.
  7. Auden

    Episode 127.5 - Minisode 127.5

    Re: Paul's pick of "The Bachelor". I'm gonna check out the show. PFT, Paget Brewster, George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon are gonna be on the live show tonight. I guess "The Bachelor" is popular among comedians.
  8. I enjoy Bitch Sesh very much, and I say that as someone who has zero interest in reality show (although the podcast almost makes me want to check out The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Almost). I've listened to each eppy more than once, and the 3rd episode (guest: June) and 4th episode (guest host: Jessica St. Clair) an embarrassing number of times.
  9. Auden

    Episode 127 - Kazaam: LIVE!

    The sound quality of this live episode is top-notch. If it weren't for the audience's laughter I'd think that I was listening to a studio episode. June likes being the big spoon. *swoons*
  10. Oh my. The first 3 results when I googled "fisto ram man":
  11. A piece of lost dialogue from the movie: Skeletor: (for the hundreth time) Kneel before me! He-Man: Why are you doing the blow job motion? That reminds me of Shredder in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze", where powering up also got him a new costume. Yeah, that was unpleasant to watch. That was the second gross eating scene I'd watched in the last week. The other one was from "The House of the Devil". The most horrifying scene in that movie was Greta Gerwig eating pizza and then loudly sucking and licking her fingers. I laughed out loud at that scene. He not only winced, he also twisted his hips away in a rather saucy "Oooh, miss me! Try again!" manner. The grease bothers me a lot. A few more thoughts about the fast food restaurant scene: - A fried chicken/BBQ fast food restaurant is a weird combo. There are many BBQ restaurants in Austin and non of them serves fried chicken. The 2 foods seem to require v. different setups. - Before chowing down on the drumstick Julie's friend picked up a french fry. She's treating the restaurant like her own kitchen and committing goodness knows how many health code violations. - A drumstick is an odd choice of food to eat casually while standing in front of someone else. Usually people do that with something small like chips, cocktail sausages, cheddar cubes, french fries, and not something that requires serious tearing of flesh with your teeth. - That friend is awful. She told Julie so seriously that she was going to give her a present but it turned out to be shitty advice.
  12. That made me think of the phrase, "Come on me, bro."
  13. Auden

    EPISODE 119.5 - MINISODE 119.5

    I mean no disrespect on this most holey of days. I only wanted to spread cheer with the ridiculous sight of crysturbation.
  14. Auden

    EPISODE 119.5 - MINISODE 119.5

    In UK lingo shouldn't it be "LYNX and what's all this then lorry"? This is the saddest butt shot. Dylan McDermott is tugging it in American Horror Story, and he breaks into sobs right after he finishes. You can watch the scene . (Pic source)
  15. Auden

    EPISODE 119.5 - MINISODE 119.5

    And the base note that anchors this complex bouquet of aggro is emotional stuntedness.
  16. Auden

    EPISODE 119.5 - MINISODE 119.5

    Unlike Cam, I don't know the answer to that question. But, if Dennis Feinstein, the preeminent perfumier of Pawnee, Indiana, were to design a scent after Jason, he would call it Next Level, and it would smell like creatine and come at me bro.
  17. Auden

    EPISODE 119.5 - MINISODE 119.5

    It started from the middle of page 18 of the "Maximum Overdrive" thread. The talk of gif wars and "Perfect" ended up with pics and gifs of men where their groinal region was rather prominently displayed. Awww, I'm sure he was just joking.
  18. Auden

    EPISODE 119.5 - MINISODE 119.5

    Zed's son! Cam, even though the movie for next week is Masters of the Universe, I feel like your Travolta gif is still applicable.
  19. Auden

    EPISODE 119.5 - MINISODE 119.5

    Wow, today really is #MancrotchFriday (sorry, EllenM).
  20. The love and care really come through the direct frontal hip thrusts.
  21. I'll gird my loins, just like Travolta apparently did.
  22. You're probably right. And it'd make more sense to space out the horror movies. I just watched the trailers for Perfect and Death Spa. Spandex! Aerobics! Synth music! I'm excited to watch the movies and listen to the episodes. I don't mind the live episodes either but I'm also missing the intimate atmosphere and better sound quality of the studio epidsodes. And I wish I was at the live shows too.
  23. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on MM: FR. I think the next movie is probably Death Spa.
  24. This thread has surpassed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze: LIVE! thread in page numbers.
  25. Because I love both The Shining and Bob's Burgers... Awww, thank you!