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    Cool World (1992)

    OMG, yes, please, guys, do this movie. It is, for lack of a better word, BONKERS. I remember seeing it as a kid thinking it was going to be like Roger Rabbit and walked away emotionally scarred and with a confusing feeling in my no-nos about both Holli Wood and Gabriel Byrne, which pretty much destroyed any hope I had of having a normal sex life as an adult. This is definitely up there in the "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" category.
  2. AnnArrogance

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    CORRECTION/OMISSION OK, so I actually have two omissions: 1) Channing Tatum straight-up has a dog penis. When Jupiter tells him she's falling for him, he replies that he has more in common with a dog than he does with her. My reading of this line is him telling her not only "I'm not good enough for you," but also "I'm genetically and physiologically incompatible with you because I HAVE A DOG PENIS." So, at the end when they get together, he's going to have to whip his red rocket out of his little furry sheath to bang her with his DOG PENIS. That was literally all I could think about for the rest of the movie after that line, and wondering whether or not it still counted as beastiality. 2) When Jupiter agrees to marry Titus, there's no acknowledgement in the movie AT ALL that she is marrying her son. Jupiter is genetically identical to Titus' mother, so, genetically speaking, he's marrying his mother. I know royalty is no stranger to incest, but damn. Shouldn't they at least address the fact that Jupiter and Titus' marriage is incestuous, even if they do say that the marriage is only for political purposes? I mean, she doesn't know that he intends to kill her. Is she just going into this being totally cool with technically banging her son? And why is the movie cool with this? Love the podcast, guys, and look forward to it every week. Thanks for all the free laughs!