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  1. A sense of ennui on weed and off weed.
  2. The_Earl_of_Sandwich

    Lemma ab Plugus

    Thanks, man! I would've never made that connection but I totally see it. Glad you liked it
  3. krakatoa did explode-a many, many years ago-a.
  4. Four squares, two bears and no pairs...of pants that is!
  5. One naughty Audi for the hot tottie with the body, coming up!
  6. Piña colada? With my enchilada?? No de nada, Eric Estrada!
  7. No, let me say this. You know, in this crazy old mixed-up world there are few things that really matter and, baby, I just need you to know…I love you…an McGregor…I just think he's a great actor.
  8. Tantamount to Kings and Pharaohs. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang! Now serving smoothies.
  9. The_Earl_of_Sandwich

    Lemma ab Plugus

    Lemma ab Plugus! A bene placito a capite ad calcem!
  10. Tutankhamun? More like Toots-Are-Common, am I right? That boy king was rank!
  11. Leave it to Beefheart, Captian that is.
  12. Whale Cum to Comedy Bang! Bang!: An Encyclopedia of Ejaculants