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    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    1. Favorite moment: In the big climax scene when the whole planet is inexplicably exploding, Jupiter starts to climb a ladder, and my girlfriend blurts out "Jupiter is ascending!" Is that the moment the whole moving was building to? 2. Why does Jupiter only have the right to get earth back? Shouldn't she have the right to all her former possessions? 3. Are there no space police? Or like space FBI? Everyone is so advanced except in the law enforcement arena? 4. I think there was a weapon called Bee's wax? How can we not get more info on this? 5. At the beginning, Balem teleports to meet with his siblings. Why doesn't everyone just teleport everywhere? Why do you need ships? 6. The timing of the wedding sequence was nothing less than insane. I think Caine destroyed an entire fleet of enemies in the amount of time it took Jupiter to say her vows.