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    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Don't know if anyone mentioned it, but a slight omission I really wanted June to be in this week episode just for one particular part of the movie. After rescuing Mila Kunis for the first time and getting injured, Mila character uses a pad that the owner of the car (a woman) left in glove compartment, to stop Channing Tatum bleeding. A few problem with this scene: 1. Most adult (and non adult) women don't use a pad, but rater tampons 2. even if they do, they won't likely to keep it in the glove compartment of the car, but rater keep it in their bags (especially if they are keeping it for emergency). which would not be a big problem movie wise, if Mila didn't mentioned how the car belongs to a women cause women keep pads in their car glove compartment. 3. Most importantly, in order to stop the bleeding she puts the pad on his stomach GLUE SIDE DOWN!!!! which means that the part of the pad that actually exist to soak up the bleeding is a way from the wound and the plastic sticky side is now (probably quite painfully) stuck to his wound and most likely not really helping much