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  1. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 255 — An All New Era

    A really funny episode. The new format will be fine. I can foresee it feeling a bit too short with the guest some weeks (I am glad we got Hayes under the old format) but a totally reasonable compromise to keep the show going. Who Charted remains unassailable.
  2. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 382 — Doing It The Savage Way

    Ha ha I had totally forgotten that Matt Gourley is the face of evil Volkswagen until H.R. Giger bemoaned them. For the record I would put Mr. Gourley's share of the blame for the Volkswagen scandal at less than 50%.
  3. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    I believe the whole point of the Morocco scene was to show that Travolta was so upset about his story being re-written that he would immediately abandon the new story he was working on and jump back on a plane to do something about it even though he was half way around the world.
  4. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 254.5 — 10/16/15 TWO CHARTED 193

    Very punk rock to do this without the express written consent of MLB.
  5. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    A++++ episode. One omission though. They went deep into the writeup of Linda's gangbang. But there was no talk of the information gathering. To write that story Travolta was either standing outside the van watching with his notebook, or Linda came back in and gave him a detailed description. In either case W...T...F? I thought Carly Simon carrying that bloody mary was a real Chekov's Gun situation. I am glad they paid that off so quickly. There was one line that almost made watching the longest movie of all time worth it. "I don't forgive anyone for shitting on California!" That was delivered by Blonde Moustache when the Sports Connection Gang was throwing Travolta out of the charity aerobics event.
  6. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    This is unrelated to the movie or the podcast episode. But it happened to pop up on Reddit last week and seemed too good to not share considering the subject matter.
  7. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    I was a little surprised there was no mention of Teela's 4th wall breaking "Woman At Arms" joke. Just imagine how great this movie could be if Skeletor was giving asides into the camera.
  8. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Putting in a correction for this movie feels crazy. But the castle they were in was not Skeletor's castle. That was Grayskull which he had just captured from the Sorceress. They called his place Snake Mountain (not appearing in this film). So the terrible safety hazard of no railings is put squarely on the Sorceress.
  9. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    When Kevin was introduced I assumed he was going to be a minor character soon gone from the movie. He went on to have more scenes than anyone in the movie. I loved that when Skeletor was using the giant hologram to communicate with all the people of Eternia the shot was always just him talking to four dudes spread out over that shitty landscape. I really didn't appreciate Evil-lyn throwing shade on all the people of Earth (fools, weak and easily controlled) just because she was able to trick Courtney Cox with the dead mom illusion. Sample of one, Evil-lyn.
  10. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 251 — The Jupiter Eccelsias

    I never knew Birdman had a secondary title. I don't know how this affects my motivation to finally watch it.
  11. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 251 — The Jupiter Eccelsias

    Loved this episode. Someone needs to release a movie title that includes parenthesis just to get Howard's reaction.
  12. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    I think there is potentially a fun film here if you just make the main characters people who aren't dummies trapped at a truck stop. Let's see the people who figure out what's going on, find the UFO, get politicians to work with the Russians, etc. That seems like a much more interesting film. Edit: Whoops I lost the quoting of the above text. Yes the ending text of this movie could have been changed to read: "You, the idiot viewer, just got duped into spending an hour and a half following these dummies. The actual heroes of the movie never appeared on screen and were 9,000 miles away also dealing with killer machines while simultaneously defeating the alien threat."
  13. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    Great episode. I thought the gang hit most of the insane things in this movie. I thought the weirdest choice in the movie was when Emilio Estevez was absolutely giddy when the power got turned back on so they could fuel up the trucks. "I just hope none of them left the house without their American Express card!" My favorite dumb bit in the movie was the toilet paper truck that got blown up appeared to be transporting thousands of loose rolls of toilet paper. As you do.
  14. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 248 — Scarf Face

    I love Derek Waters. I got to talk to him a bit when they did the bar tour for season one of Drunk History and he could not have been a nicer guy. Watching Drunk History makes my heart grow three sizes towards everyone involved. I just hope this terrible feud between Derek and Howard can be resolved before one of them (or all of us?) gets hurt.
  15. ChunkStyle

    Episode 247 — Guy Ritchie's Back

    Fantastic episode. Hayes was the perfect guest. I used to think I was a huge fan of both Hayes and Sean. But now I think I'll just skip past Sean's parts in Hollywood Handbook.
  16. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 116 — Top Dog: LIVE!

    I kept thinking he looked like Paul Rudd.
  17. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 116 — Top Dog: LIVE!

    I feel like every single choice the filmmakers made could (and should) be questioned. So just picking one. I thought the premise of the meet cute between Chuck Norris and Reno in Callahan's office was insane. Reno is smarter than every person in this movie and is a hero so many times over that pulling a baby out of a burning building is not even a big deal. Not only would Reno be famous at the police department Reno would be more famous in San Diego than Tony Gwynn. But Chuck Norris has never heard of him. Side note: I thought it was odd that screenwriter Ron Swanson had characters with the name Swanson in the movie.
  18. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 115 — Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

    I feel like the only person who should get a credit for this movie is the casting director.
  19. As a resident of Atlantis, GA the Hotlantis nickname is really tired. But is is true!
  20. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    Here is an actual dumb plot omission. I couldn't tell if the entire roomba car chase sequence was supposed to be some crazy gambit to make Kirstie Alley give up the templates. But when she does they are just in the side pocket of her purse. Which Ramsay was combing through while she was being debugged! He just didn't bother to check the side pocket?
  21. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    I am looking for some backup on this. When they are in the helicopter heading to take care of the farm bot Thompson (Penny) asks Ramsay if the robot has any armaments. He says just the claw. Then they have this exchange: Ramsay: "They only go after things smaller than an inch." *oddly long pause* Thompson: "Could be a problem." She was totally making a joke about his dick, right?
  22. ChunkStyle

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Omission No mention in the podcast of how even the heroes of this movie (minus Jupiter) seem to be totally on board with the idea of planet scale genocide to produce the fountain of youth serum. Even if they don't explicitly support it nobody says a word against it until Jupiter comes along. Stinger sold them out to get money for the serum for his daughter (who had a mild cough). The space cops definitely didn't appear to be cracking down on it. Lesser omission What did the word royalty even mean in this movie? It seemed like the Abrasax family was just ludicrously rich. But they were still bound by the ridiculous bureaucracy. They didn't seem to be at the top of any form of government. And the ineffective space cops tried to give the Abrasax orders but they were just ignored since they were outgunned. The "your majesty" part just felt silly. It would be like if in the US we started calling Bill Gates your majesty.