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    Episode 162.5 - Minisode 162.5

    Jon Gabrus and the Action Boyz did a very enjoyable podcast about this movie not long ago. It can be either an appetizer or dessert for those who can't get enough Running Man. https://headgum.com/high-and-mighty/episode-96-the-action-boyz-talk-running-man
  2. See this is great. The C&O boards would be on fire. It is a truly excellent pick on my part. But please, everyone, hold your thanks until after the episode happens.
  3. I know this movie has its fans but I thought it was a huge mess and I'd love to hear the gang break it down.
  4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is what immediately comes to mind for me. I love that movie and it kind of hurts my feelings that it was a box office flop.
  5. I just remembered my least favorite part of the movie. The laborious and telegraphed path they went down to land with the tiny $1000 bill punchline. Amazing that Whitney became a comedian with this movie raising her. In regards to the insane plot of the planet having to get hit with the beam again in order to save it. At one point Celeste says "they shouldn't have this technology for another 1000 years" or something to that effect. That implies that the aliens do possess the hyper beam technology. So why not just shoot themselves?
  6. This was a hilarious episode. I hope Whitney becomes a future All-Star. So Dr. Mills, double PhD from MIT, who has devoted his life to science, is able to send a signal faster than the speed of light. In fact he obliterates the speed of light sending his signal to another galaxy in seconds whereas light would take millions of years. It is a discovery that will re-write human understanding of physics. But because his proof got blown up he just shrugs his shoulders and says oh well I'll have to get a teaching job now. WTF?
  7. ChunkStyle

    Episode 160.5 - Minisode 160.5

    My favorite movie heckling (enhancing) moment was during the first Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie. The scene where he has finished breaking into the room with the pressure sensitive floor and accidentally drops his knife from the ceiling. As the knife was tumbling in slow motion someone in the crowd let out a loud NOOOOOOOOOOOOO with their voice pitched to make it sound slowed down to match. It was perfect and got a huge laugh and is the only thing I can remember about that movie now.
  8. ChunkStyle

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    I think this means that Star Trek 4 is our finest time travel movie.
  9. ChunkStyle

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    When Keanu is working on his plumbing while trying to wrap his head around the magic mailbox he reacts with surprise and disgust when the nasty water comes out and gets on him. It shouldn't really be a surprise. Whatever is in the sink is what is in that pipe. It's why you got your tools out in the first place. It can never be overstated how crazy it is that they are so incurious about their discovery of time travel. That would probably be the most amazing scientific discovery of all time, right?
  10. ChunkStyle

    Episode 332 - Arby's Search Engine

    Whoa. So does Howard's voice work on Wing Commander 3 mean that he is just 1 degree away from Mark Hamill? Eat your heart out Kevin Bacon.
  11. ChunkStyle

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    To me that mirror reveal shot was the apex of how much they didn't care about building a consistent world in this movie. Charles moves about all over the place. He never passes a mirror in sight of anyone? Tanya rides with him in his car with a rearview mirror. She never happened to glance into it and see him? I am sure you can come up with some explanation like if a sleepwalker isn't really concentrating on their illusion then a mirror will reveal them but at this point I think the HDTGM crowd has thought much more about the backstory than the filmmakers.
  12. ChunkStyle

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    I am still not giving him a pass. He can take two seconds to look at a map. If you aren't planning to encounter psychotic English teachers with encyclopedic knowledge of Ohio then you aren't planning for success.
  13. ChunkStyle

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    I think if I was a sleepwalker I would look to move into a high rise apartment instead of a country home where it is easy for hundreds of cats to congregate. The introduction of Ron Perlman felt weird to me. He just showed up as a fully formed asshole like we were already supposed to know something about him. I wonder if he had an intro scene that got cut to make room for King's 90 second cameo.
  14. ChunkStyle

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    I think part of what makes the world building in this movie so poor is that King seems to want the sleepwalkers to embody both the vampire myth and also just be their own weird species. There definitely seems to be a sire type relationship between the mom and the son like she created him the way vampires do. Because they seem to be locked into an emotional age that matches their human form. But I think we're also supposed to assume that sleepwalkers are "naturally occurring" and we're supposed to feel some sympathy for them up until Charlie takes his villain turn. My biggest question is how have they made it this long (presumably hundreds or thousands of years) when they are this stupid? Charlie presents transcripts that are clever fakes to get into high school. Except he makes them from a town that doesn't exist? And when Charlie is having his joy ride run from Andy and Clovis he attempts to run down children getting off a school bus as a cherry on top. The sleepwalkers are all gone now because Darwin was right.
  15. ChunkStyle

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    Is there anything in this movie that indicates that Fahey is good at his job? He says he'd like to fix just one person in his life. That reads as a deep take on the profession itself, but maybe it is just a flat admission of incompetence. He makes a minor breakthrough with Going For the Oscar Ray before making the mistake of not offering his left hand to shake so that is short lived. The main thing that bugs me though is when he writes in his journal at the very end of the movie he implies that "Does evil live in the skin?" and "If a tree falls in a forest...?" are equivalent questions. One of those is purely philosophical. The other had a real world impact on his kid's jaw alignment and the number of bars where he is still welcome to drink.
  16. ChunkStyle

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    There is a shot in the movie where the car that was in the wreck was back in their driveway when Fahey is home from the hospital. I was ready to declare that Fahey's mechanic, not Dr. Webb, should be getting the Nobel Prize. Alas that was just a continuity error and later he was driving a Volvo around for all his hijinks.
  17. ChunkStyle

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    I have to admit I wasn't familiar. And looking him up the first picture that pops up makes it look like he should have been in this movie.
  18. ChunkStyle

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    I am fully on team she is not the mother. Is that whole idea based entirely on her putting her jacket over Charlie while he is on his knees holding all the limbs? Isn't that just supposed to be her as a Dr. Frankenstein looking with pity at her creation? But to hell with all that. I am here to talk about Detective Hat (actual character name Detective Sawchuck which is awesome.) In the handcuff car scene when Charlie slaps on the cuffs and then speeds away Detective Hat responds INSTANTANEOUSLY. If any mere mortal had been driving Charlie would have been long down the road with the arm. He doesn't belong in this movie he should be in the Fast and Furious franchise.
  19. ChunkStyle

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    Leslie Nielsen's costume had a microphone (and I assume corresponding earpiece) built into the half-mask. Looking at those screenshots from the Surf Ninjas game it looks like the costume designers were matching the character design from the game. That is all fine. Except for the fact that the second longest running gag in the movie was Leslie Nielsen and the cordless phone. If he needs to phone to give the "kill them all" orders all day what is he using his built in hardware for? This is what happens with too many cooks. You've got Sega executives who will fire any director who tries to remove the microphone from their character (rightly so). You've got a director who will walk off set if you try to make him drop his phone gags (rightly so). You end up with a villain with vestigial costume appendages that leaves the audience with a shattered willing suspension of disbelief.
  20. ChunkStyle

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    There is a good reason Paul has never heard of Patu San. With Johnny immediately abdicating the throne and not leaving a proper transition plan in place the country was thrown into chaos as various factions all rushed in at once to try and take control of the new system. Without a strong central government Patu San quickly collapsed and was absorbed by neighboring countries. I will give this movie a passing grade based only on the fact that when Uncle Eye-patch looked through the binoculars they blacked out half the screen.
  21. Maybe all the HDTGM fans can pitch in and we'll get one of these for Jason for his birthday.
  22. ChunkStyle

    Episode 155.5 - Minisode 155.5

    This is Paul's best ever pick of the week. The Epcot Centre twitter turns mundanity into an art form. https://twitter.com/EpcotCentre
  23. ChunkStyle

    Episode 155 - Airborne: LIVE!

    There was one scene where the lack of adult intervention really bothered me. When there were back to back stand offs between teenage kids in the burger joint. That was going on for several minutes and causing a huge scene. The restaurant manager never felt like jumping in there and telling them all to get the hell out? If I was a patron there I'd definitely be going elsewhere for my PB&J burgers after that.
  24. Now imagine what kind of sick and twisted mind it would take to do that in reverse. Because I think that is what actually happened.
  25. I really hope this piece is proudly displayed in the home of one of the crew members. That is if Lambert didn't call dibs on it.