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  1. IanOnline

    Nothing But Trouble

    Thanks, didn't see this on the list. Glad it alreadt exists! My badbad and thanks for the link!
  2. IanOnline

    Nothing But Trouble

    For your consideration, Nothing But Trouble. Early 90s comedy Dan Aykroyd wrote, directed and co-starred ($40 million budget, box office almost $8.5 million). Cast also includes Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, and John Candy. Soundtrack produced by Tupac Shakur! Dan Aykroyd won the Worst Supporting Actor in the 1991 Razzies. Also nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Demi Moore), Worst Suporting Actress (John Candy in drag), Worst Director, and Worst Screenplay. One man, one film, three Razzie nominations...this is two decades before Jack and Jill. In closing, this movie is a hot mess that's a true HDTGM gold mine. Thanks for your time.
  3. IanOnline

    Firewalker (1986)

    Open & shut case for bad movie recommendations, it is a movie called "Firewalker"...no one walks on fire.
  4. IanOnline

    Firewalker (1986)

    I completely agree with this suggestion. Great HDTGM? movie. The bar fight scene is a definite highlight for me. Glad you mentioned it. FireWalkerTexas Ranger!