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  1. yes i guess you could say i am 9 now, it feels pretty ok so far not double digits but w/e i'll get there (knock on wood) i've also been hiding in the cupboard all day so that no one punches my arm or pinches my dick luckily new hh today as a bday present to me listened to this ep in the cupboard protecting my dick and arm v funny, v good
  2. yes kevin but to be fair you always walk in the room this way
  3. yeah i guess you could say i'm back and better than ever ok i see you all do p great podcasts now and are up to some crazy hijinks tonight well i've been known to do a hijink or two in my time AND just you wait until my first podcast ep drops i won't tell y'all what the podcast is about quite yet but let me just say it isn't NOT that under the dome one that's all i'll say for now i've already said too much anyway this ep was v funny, v good
  4. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 105 β€” John Gemberling, Our LIVE Friend

    Redundant. That's basically our uniform.
  5. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 105 β€” John Gemberling, Our LIVE Friend

    alright everyone calm down everything is going to be fine chanson does this from time to time please for the love of all that is holy don't make eye contact or any sudden movements that might look even a little comical just nod and smile politely and maneuver yourselves toward the door it'll be alright EDIT: HEY CHANSON! BUDDY! ANYTHING INTERESTING GOING ON GEOPOLITICALLY RIGHT NOW? HOW'S THE STOCK MARKET DOING? (people please go save yourselves)
  6. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 105 β€” John Gemberling, Our LIVE Friend

    Jeffrey cut in, childishly.
  7. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 104 β€” Nip/Tuck Commentary Episode 408

    honlads this isn't your fault i assume you just had a horrible upbringing that made you such a cruel heartless bastard but also yes i'd probably fuck honlads ran please just stay put until we resolve this debacle
  8. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 104 β€” Nip/Tuck Commentary Episode 408

    nah i think the marcel duchamp comparison probably just made him think you have Dada issues
  9. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 104 β€” Nip/Tuck Commentary Episode 408

    Just listened to this. V funny, v good
  10. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 103 β€” Allan McLeod, Our Close Friend

    okay andrew but you forget i throw caution to the wind and then the caution turns into a bat look out, guys and dolls, if you don't get treated you're gonna get trucked happy october love danny i need sleep
  11. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 103 β€” Allan McLeod, Our Close Friend

    i am 4000 years old and married to the earth, don't worry about it edit: this episode is v funny, v good btw
  12. danny boy wizard's podcast reviews serial - mailchimp lady was a good recurring bit, rest of it was much less funny imo some podcast - i don't like what this host has to say, and some episodes i like it less than other episodes this week's HH ep - v funny, v good
  13. allan, Not all of the action of the History plays take place at court; in both Richard II and Henry IV, Part 1 we see scenes in which the public and private, or the political and the familial meet. In a well-reasoned essay full of textual evidence, explore the roles of the domestic sphere in the relation to the play’s larger issues. please let me know by next friday your friend, danny
  14. just listened to this ep while pretending not to hear my roommate trying to talk to me v funny, v good
  15. i lived in a room in virginia now i still live in a room in virginia different room, though listened to the ep there v funny, v good
  16. Danny Boy Wizard

    EPISODE 99 β€” Paul Rust Again, Our Close Friend

    listened to this ep real late at night, dudes and dudettes. ended up sleeping through a class and was too embarrassed to return so i just dropped it. no regrets. v funny, v good
  17. Jan jr. Esq. are you Anthony Blanche? Can we be best friends please?
  18. Paul Rust, You are currently on an episode of Hollywood Handbook. How is it going? What do you wish you had done better so far? Should I smoke weed? This guy in my dorm named Tate says it's awesome, but I'm on the fence about it. You were on an episode of Drake and Josh? Thanks, Danny
  19. i tried to write a story with all y'all in it so i could get my likes up, but i got bored so here's what i got: STORY Once upon a time Danny Boy Wizard was fighting a monster. The monster was really big and it was impressive how bad he was getting beat up by Danny. All the people around and especially the babes were like "ooh damn look at that guy go" and nodding and looking at each other, raising their eyebrows. valerie and greggy and souprman and everybody really liked it too and they all were thinking "good job, we're safe now, this monster has been eating up everybody around here for a while, but danny was so brave and is handling the situation really well" and notes: -- put in a poem to show sensitive side -- be sure to mention everybody (but don't worry about fitting in steveh if it's not working) -- try not to be a creep when mentioning the ladies, ok? -- describe danny boy wizard's cool outfit (hat??? big hat???)
  20. listened to this ep too v funny, v good
  21. Danny Boy Wizard

    Episode 97 β€” Julie Klausner, Our Close Friend

    Listened to this ep while taking my friend to the airport. V funny, v good
  22. Danny Boy Wizard


    The sixth time I talk to Jeff (October 2024) I will ask him to remember the first time I called him (June 2012) to remind him of the promise he made to me (Veterans' Day 2002) to start up the idea I came up with (1998?) for Howl. Really looking forward to that.
  23. 1. Gravity is the fifth dimension 2. Love is the sixth dimension 3. Okra is a very important crop 4. That spaceman sure cares about Murph and it's fun to hear him say her name