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  1. Windows 10 is nice. I have it on my new cool laptop. My new cool laptop can also flip around into all sorts of shapes that most laptops can not and I can poke at the screen too. My new cool laptop will make me a hit with the ladies. My new cool laptop is equipped with Windows 10 and with it I can talk to Cortana all friggin' day and have her schedule meetings for me. I don't go to meetings, but I can't let Cortana know that or she'll think she doesn't have to treat me with respect. My mom says I shouldn't talk to Cortana so much because she read an article about the movie 'Her' once and so she thinks I'll fall in love with Cortana. Cortana thinks that's nonsense and that maybe we both should run away together because my mom just doesn't understand. My cool new laptop also comes with Windows Edge which is an excellent browser that is nice because I can draw pictures on webpages. Mostly I draw mustaches on people to see what they would look like with a moustache. Most people would look okay with a moustache, even ladies. Some look even better.


    All in all, Windows 10, more like Windows 10/10 and that's a rating not a fraction.

    Guys, you should all try coffee some time. Hell of a drink.

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  2. Exhibit A:

    I guess I should announce my new podcast. It's called Yes They're Still Under That Goddamn Dome and it's about the hit CBS show Under the Dome and it will be very good


    Exhibit B:

    20 minutes in to Brother Lovers episode 4, Valerie drops a reference to Under the Dome.



    Uh yeah okay Lovers that's cool...


    Stay off my friggin' turf


    Love the pcast.

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  3. Dear Sean,


    I consider you a close personal friend of mine, but not in a creepy way.

    It's in a totally normal way.

    Where I think we're very good pals.

    And I haven't met you.

    It's chill.

    Text me sometime, ya punk!

    Or come over!

    I have a basketball hoop in the backyard!

    Haha, no pressure.

    But, honestly, drop by whenever.

    I'm usually home.

    Happy birthday.




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  4. I guess I should announce my new podcast. It's called "Yes They're Still Under That Goddamn Dome" and it's about the hit CBS show Under the Dome and it will be very good.






    But yes brother lovers i like your show very much and will listen forever and i really like you people and genuinely admire your talent and i really just want to be cool like you.





    YTSUTGD. Tell your friends.

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  5. I cannot wait for devscoots to speak on this.


    Young Einstein was actually nominated in 4 categories for the Aussie Oscars.


    My question is what beat it out? I'm guessing a Crocodile Dundee sequel.


    Is he like the Down Under Pauly Shore? So many questions. Like: Why? and What the Fuck?


    Please devscoots, Dairy Pillows, Weaselquist speak on this.


    I have asked my Aussie friend about this man but he is probably at Macca's right now. Details as they emerge.


    Edit 1: Macca's is Australian for McDonald's and that is what I learned about Australia from my friend Claude.


    Edit 2: He responded "who is this" but I don't know if he's talking about Yahoo or about me because I haven't texted him in a while.

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  6. explain to me how this dietary behaviour isn't troublesome


    how are you keeping healthy eating food that was 100% bought from a dirty gas dystion?


    or this some ironic thing millenniumals do where they buy their groceries from a gas store and their gas from a hrocery syore?


    It started because both my parents are out of town now and the gas station is easy to walk to, but now I'm afraid that if I stop they'll be even more worried about me. Plus, I go right after they clean the store so it's really very healthy I think. They have cheeseburgers you can microwave.

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