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  1. I was at my brother's wedding and they had an open bar and I didn't know what I could order that was cool so I went up after some classy-looking guy and said I'd had what he was having, which the bartender seemed to be suspicious of but she didn't say anything. I didn't know what it was but I was worried when they gave me such a small amount. Anyway it tasted like jet fuel, but, like GOOD jet fuel, y'know? I ended up air guitaring pretty hard to "Don't Stop Believin'" and I think it was really rad. So you guys should all try that.


    This other time my friend made "breakfast shots" and everybody loved it. But we were all pretty drunk and I'm pretty sure it was just French toast in vodka.

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  2. I'm on summer vacation right now so this morning I went downtown, to look for a job, and then I hung out in front of the drugstore and smoked some cigarettes when I remembered that Norm said:


    nutella in my oatmeal?


    why did this take me so long!

    guys, I'm not exaggerating. get some nut' in your o'me'


    So I got the ingredients and yes! If I were a judge on Top Chef and Norm were a contestant I would probably say very good recipe and everyone should go eat at Norm's restaurant and yes Norm is the Top Chef here!

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  3. I v. much appreciated Catcher in the Rye discussion.

    I AM 18 so yes I am older and smarter than Holden but even I can learn something from this guy. Raised lots of good points about ducks that I'm still working through but yes Stradlater was a real phony.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask because I did write a book report on it and even my teacher said it had an "interesting thesis" and "lacked structure".

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