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    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    I absolutely love this movie. The overall concept of the film is very interesting but executed in the absolute craziest way. One possible explanation for Cage's "Accent" could be tied to the crazy choice he made in the movie "Peggy Sue Got married." Cage felt that memorable, superstar actors have voices and affectations that are imitable. So he put on a strange voice in Peggy Sue got married and may have still been experimenting with it in Vampire's kiss.
  2. GeorgeHnasko

    Episode 147.5 - Minisode 147.5

    My god, I love Vampire's Kiss!!! He is so bombastic in this movie and actually eats a cockroach!!! Cannot ask for more.
  3. GeorgeHnasko

    The CaseFiles of Columbo Ep 1: Paul F. Tompkins

    . I really enjoyed this podcast. Columbo was a unique show. I can't really think of anything quite like it. There are flawed heroes who are really good at what they do and there are bumbling heroes who manage to come out on top in spite of themselves. I can't think of any protagonist who was/is really good at what they do but, pretend to be an idiot in order to get it done. Two stand out moments in Columbo for me: After he breaks a college professor or Dean, who is a genius himself, the killer asks Columbo a genius level question from an I.Q. exam and Columbo nails it, revealing himself to be a genius as well In an episode that takes place in London-funny side note: there a few scenes of Faulk crossing various streets near London landmarks as if to say to the audience, "Hey, look! He's really there!"- A famous actor/actress married couple kill someone and, during the act, the actress' pearl stage necklace breaks. Columbo has the London police open the actor's umbrella during the climax and a pearl rolls out. They break in a very funny "theatrical" way. It's later revealed that Columbo planted the pearl by using his marble skills to flick the pearl into the umbrella-not the only time Columbo basically frames people with false evidence.
  4. GeorgeHnasko

    Episode 77 - Concession Stand

    The Return of the World's Greatest Detective
  5. GeorgeHnasko

    Next Level with Chris Tallman

    I really enjoyed this and can't wait to hear more.
  6. GeorgeHnasko

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    A few things you guys missed, didn't mention or maybe didn't know: Erin constantly referring to Set as Seth was funny and accurate. Some translations of the name Set are spelled as "Seth" however, I think it is still pronounced "Set" with the "h" being silent- not sure about the pronunciation. The riddle of the Sphinx is a Greek myth, not Egyptian. It's the classic riddle which has different forms but is basically related as, ""What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?" with the answer being, "man." So not only did the movie miss the mark on Egyptian myth, it also messed up Greek myth as well. You guys touched on the elevator ride. During this scene, Rufus Sewell taunts baby Bon Jovi. As BBJ moves to kill Rufus, Horus stops him. "We need him to get to the top," Horus says-but why? The architect is not at a control panel or working any levers. The elevator is just a flat platform rising with the three of them standing on it. Then, the importance of Rufus Sewell is completely negated when BBJ not only kills him but their fight destroys the elevator in the process. I didn't quite understand whether Ra was immortal or not. Even though the gods-Horus, Set and the rest- called humans "mortals" we saw that they can die however, Ra survives Set's sword to the chest. This makes me think that Ra cannot be killed but, Ra tells Set that he has been testing him to be Ra's replacement fighting the smoke monster worm after Ra dies. also, Horus magically knows Ra is alive- does he sense it or does he know that Ra can't die? Now that Set is dead, who will replace Ra? does anyone need to replace Ra if he is immortal? Maybe Ra just wants to retire? You guys questioned the concern of Horus' girlfriend with BBJ being in love. She does mention that she is the goddess of love so, it kind of makes sense that she was worried about BBJ getting his lost love back.
  7. To baste: perchance to use coriander and mustard powder: aye, there's the rub;
  8. Look party people, that sort of disregard for hand waving will not be tolerated here!
  9. Times are tough. That's why they have that chain on their wallet
  10. Okay, Paul Simon. If Jack slips out the back and Gus hops on the bus, then where does George go? I'm George.
  11. "A kiss is just a kiss." How about you stop pointing out obvious things and sing the song, Sinatra!!! And none of that "dooby dooby do" shit!
  12. I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. That and Google maps cuz, I am NOT getting lost in a yellow wood-ef that!
  13. If I was aware that it would be this sort of social gathering, I would have placed my penis in the pureed tubers.
  14. "Yourself" is nowhere on this checklist and four people have already wrecked themselves!!
  15. This is absolute genius!! Please make this reoccurring in some fashion, PLEASE!