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  1. Jawny

    Episode 204 - Rob Huebel, Our Close Friend

    These lost eps are pretty funny. Hopefully the boys find a new medium for their craft.
  2. Nah, it's just a hot ep.
  3. Hey guys, checking in to let you know that I rank this episode very highly.
  4. Question: I have expendable income and I like to patronize content creators like Sean and Hayes and then subtly brag about it on internet forums. Despite the fact that I have willfully, graciously donated to HH directly, am I being "screwed" by not being a Bernie Sanders socialist and propping up the boring podcasts on this network through Howl.fm? Seems like all I'm getting out of this deal is great content going behind a paywall despite my aforementioned pay. What gives?
  5. Jawny

    EPISODE 371 — You Got PreDICted!

    Content erasers = langoliers
  6. Chanson, I was listening to some old (...but good!) eps of Reality Show Show, and I was perplexed by how to say your name. Driving in the car the other day, this stood out to me and I think I'll always remember from now on: Thanks for ruining this song.
  7. Jawny

    New to the forums

    I didn't know about the rules. Here's my dog. I'm working on a picture of my dad. Edit: I guess I have no idea how to upload a pic.
  8. Jawny

    Best Show's best show?

  9. If anyone listens to the Best Show with Tom Scharpling, he talked about HH on this week's episode. Called it the funniest podcast he's heard. He claims he could retire his show and become a podcast coach for Sean and Hayes, but maybe he was thinking the other way around? Anyways, here's a link to the ep, it's in like the last ten minutes: http://thebestshow.net/episode/worst-100-characters-percy-hobart-mike-krol/