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    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    This episode hurt me. Not because it was bad but because the podcast was full of "why the f did they not catch that" when they were complaining about the plot. Most of their sibling questions were explained. The fact that the Keepers monitor for Recurrences. They didn't even notice that feather beard and Korean pigtail girl worked for Balem then betrayed him to deliver Jupiter to Kalique. Oh. And the complaint about the "I've always loved dogs." She was saying it AGAIN in a mortified Did I Really Say That To Him? tone. Yeah. My one major plot problem was Bees Sense Royalty. Most of the other stuff they complained about plot wise was there in the movie, but it went completely over their heads. This episode needed June. I feel like she would've caught that embarrassed WTF tone Mila had after the I've Always Loved Dogs scene.