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  1. Crashbangboom

    Tammy & The T-Rex (1994)

    This is a gem. The embarrassing five minute fight scene right out the gate was the perfect introduction. It was a hard watch, but not nearly as hard to get through as Governor Gabbi!
  2. Crashbangboom

    When Wheels Dance (1984)

    I was in Greece a bit ago and saw this gem. It's actually pretty amazing. It's a musical about rollerskaters that learn to breakdance (poorly) in defiance of their Greek Orthodox Church going family. It's Breakin' meets Footloose meets a pop musical, totally 80's but with a Euro twist. It's available free and complete on YouTube as "When Wheels Dance" with English subtitles. There is bad breakdancing, bad rollerskating, full band backed musical numbers without an instrument on screen, and a ton of other wonderful things that I think the group would love. Also, its Greek, so there will be some great commentary by Jason
  3. Crashbangboom

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    There is a storyline in this movie that is more important and interesting than just Grace’s death. About ½ way into the movie, Chobani Ribisi mentions that there is a drifter murdering women and throwing them in the river. The plot point that Grace might be one of these victims, I believe, is meant to excuse the total lack of police in this movie. But, in a throwaway line, he also says that the drifter was never caught. Therefore, I submit that Chobani is this serial killer. Fast forward to the gross jerk shack scene. Chobani has files on several different girls on his desktop. They have names, ages, and dates next to them and pictures of what Rowena describes as “leather and shit.” Consider these photo the “souvenirs” he keeps from his victims and the dates are significant in either the day he met them or the day he killed them.Take the real creep factor, a rough sexual preference, alcoholism, the fact we have no idea what he does at night, and his ability to lure women in on-line and, in the film world, he fits the generally accepted profile of a serial killer. Also, if this scenario is accepted, Grace was his next victim and Rowena beat him to it, which I thought would have been an interesting twist. Finally, unrelated, who was taking the pictures of Chobani and Grace when they were rolling around on the couch? Some of those pictures were rather close, so who is the creep getting right up in there?
  4. Crashbangboom

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    I have to disagree (although regretfully so) with June, Hill maybe the only character in this film NOT to kill someone. Evidence: The way the wife looks at the other women, she totally has killed more than one of Hill's mistresses. Chobani Ribisi too creepy not to have killed and flayed a prostitute to wear her skin. We actually see Halle Berry kill 3 people. And Gina, Gina knows a little too much about everyone to not have some side hustle extortion going on that got a little messy once or twice.
  5. Crashbangboom

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    First interaction between Hill and Rowena: Hill: "Boo" Rowena: Surprised, she jumps up, turns, and grabs at her chest. She giggles while she tries to catch her breath. Hill: "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." You slithered up behind her and without prompting, said "Boo." If you weren't trying to scare her, then what exactly were you trying to do?
  6. Also, college or boarding school, I wasn't even allowed a hot plate in the residents hall. Someone apparently missed freshman orientation if he thinks it's ok to experiment with lasers, accelerant, and whatever other crazy shit he had.
  7. Update: the metal would not exactly glow, it doesn't give off visible light until 758 degree. Also, the boiling point of water is 212 degree and humans are 70% water, so she may not actually be on fire but more melted from the inside while the skin shrivels. Anything left will most likely burn as it would be very dry. You are welcome for that nightmare fuel.
  8. Loved the movie, loved the episode. As for the incinerator Vanity was tortured in, it appears to a brickyard facility, so it was an industrial kiln used to cure clay into bricks. So... 1: the temperature dial would not go by 100's as bricks are fired 1200 Celsius, roughly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. 2: the human body shuts down at about 250 degree and at 700, she would be on fire, the metal table would be glowing red as would the cuffs holding her down And, probably the most baffling 3: why would someone install a two-way intercom in an oven?