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  1. Christine was super funny , where do these people keep coming from!?
  2. Been thinking about this catchphrase for a number of years with 0 good reason.
  3. Even though I'm on the autism spectrum, this episode was amazing.
  4. I thought about how well they remembered songs just by the title, both requesting them and playing them. It doesn't matter at all, but I caught myself thinking about the age disparity between the guest and hosts. It didn't seem to have any relevance to the humor or their interactions. Why would it? I still found myself trying to look up all the ages of these people and calculate differences from each other and myself. I discovered that Hayes is younger than me and I promptly fell into a shame spiral.
  5. In addition to the episode being very funny, I was particularly moved by Erin's story about her aforementioned HH experience. When I listened to the original episode where the Wild Horses were brought in for being loud, I thought it was so cool that these people and this comedy world exists. That incredibly smart and funny people are everywhere, outside each other's doors, and they can barely know each other and still be so funny together. It's was something to behold. After finishing this most recent episode, I went downstairs to cut watermelon where I did some thinking. Erin does occasionally give me a jolt of anxiety or awkwardness, which I think is something to look deeper into my own life about, but something about this event was different. It seemed brave of her to admit her experience, and it was unique that we got to see the origin of the bit and see the hidden aftermath later. Did I feel pathos about the misunderstanding? Was it her straightforward honesty? Was it because crying and defensiveness was mentioned? That someones actions caused unintentional "pain"? Was there someone to blame? What lesson is to be learned? Why am I asking myself all these questions? On one level, It rattled my fantasy about how amazing it would be to be in their comedic world. On another, it bolstered the fantasy further that they turned something, if it were in my life I would consider shitty or embarrassing, and instead made humor come from it. Not sure I landed on any real takeaway though. I spent a whole watermelon thinking about this.