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  1. Great ep. Was lucky enough to catch Don perform with Fuck That Shit a couple weeks back, and they were unbelievable.
  2. CrosbyStillsAndMASH

    EPISODE 389 — Travel Agent-Si!

    Hoping Drew and Dan get to drop by the stud more often. Their appearance on the latest live Improv4Humans was crazy good.
  3. CrosbyStillsAndMASH

    EPISODE 205 — Flaming Mop and Tuxedo

    Improv4Humans is on a role lately. This unprecedented I2H and the Convoy drop-by have been two of my favorite episodes of the year.
  4. CrosbyStillsAndMASH

    It's Time For The Next BEST OF i4h! Vote Here!

    #192 - "Snow Falls in June" #171- "Letter from a Fan (Or is it?)" #191 - "Porn Goggles" #189 - "Tween Gay News" #184 - "Annoyingly loud kids toys - Kelsey Grammar" Essentially any clip from those 5 episodes or the Whiplash episode.