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  1. Hey Paul, I can't believe I rewatched this movie for you guys. I watched it when it came out, as a kid and a fan of the turtles, and even back then I thought it was crap. And now I'll have to write to you in revenge, because there were many, many omissions on the show. Starting from the end: Schredder dies because he destroyed a pier on top of himself, and one of the turtles says "no one would survive that." However, at the end of the first movie, Schredder dies by dropping from a rooftop into a garbage truck and then being crushed by the trash compactor. Then he presumably is dropped into that landfill and stays there for days or weeks – and survives with a few scars. Are we supposed to believe that the same guy who went virtually unscathed that, wears an armor and was transformed into a very strong mutant was then killed by some pieces of TIMBER on top of his head? Second, when the Foot gets into that laboratory to retrieve the ooze, why the fuck did they go back? They were already gone by the time the turtles get there, and then go back for no reason whatsoever other than showing off – “Hey! Turtles! Look what we’ve got! Now we’ll fight a bit and just disappear in a puff of smoke.” Next, what’s wrong with the police in this movie? I know it’s a common trope to have the police not to believe the heroes when they say what’s going on, but after a street is leveled by two giant mutant animals with witnesses and April tells the chief that “two very big animals” did it, his reply isn’t “you’re crazy!” it’s “And what do you want me to do about it?” The right answer would be “your fucking job!” but she’s clearly the worst journalist ever, because she says “I don’t know. I guess you’re not the ones who’ll have to handle this.” To which the police chief says “that what we do best” and then disappears from the movie. Basically, the police’s reaction is “we couldn’t care less. Get someone to clean up this mess, we’re done here.” Which actually might explain my last point. The main… uh… plot of the movie starts because that TGRI company dropped a known toxic, mutagenic substance in a lake 15 years later (which brings up the question of why isn’t the city littered with teenage mutant ninja fish) and then decided to come clean and properly dispose of it. This is public enough to make the news, even if they’re hiding the ooze itself. But later Professor Perry mentions that TGRI is probably trying to get rid of the evidence and evacuate, as is their “standard procedure.” If that’s something that they always do, why would they want to clean up the lake and make a big deal out of it in the first place? At the very end, the fact that the company VANISHED is mentioned in passing by April, but what she considers “bizarre” is the note to the turtles. So, what? Is this a universe where entire companies disappear and then reappear when they screw up, and people are so used to it that it barely makes the news? The only reason they disappear is because someone broke in their basement and stole the ooze, but that could be easily hidden away – does that mean that vanishing the entire company is easier and cheaper? Is it so common that any other news (like a rap) will make the front pages instead? Is TGRI the real ninja in this story? Crap. What a shitty movie.