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    Episode 116.5 - Minisode 116.5

    Confused as to why the "mystery meat counter" boy seems to alternately want to play match-maker between his father and robo-whoopi and then alternately tell her "don't worry my dad's not here" during the mighty re-dux's face paint roller hockey scene? As if he fears his fathers presence? And when we finally see the dad at Teddy's big promotion ceremony he appears to be in some drug induced, half lidded, stoney faced stupor? does the dystopian setting implied by the mystery meat counter additionally suggest that this film might exist as a sort of prequel to the Super Mario universe? Also, the only non-exotic animals besides engineered dinosaurs appear to be dogs...is mystery meat dog meat? Finally, the suggestion that raccoons are extinct in this timeline is befuddling. The Blade Runner via Jim Carrey's The Mask hellscape in which this film takes place seems like an ideal environment in which the notoriously adaptable Raccoon would thrive.