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    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    Solid episode. Looks like everyone's taken care of most of the low- and mid-hanging fruit, but I'll submit my feeble offering. Correction: So, as someone living in Japan I feel it necessary to point out that Han Seoul-Oh is definitely Korean... but I understand the vein of Jason's riff about taking his body from a Japanese family. Omission: On the thread about the masterful, bold "flash forward" move on the part of the scriptwriters for Tokyo Drift, is no one going to mention just how old Sean Boswell (Lucas Black, originally playing a high-school senior) looks in that catch-up-to-current-timeline scene? It was clear he was way too old to play a high schooler originally in 2006, but no amount of make-up seemed to help Benjamin Button away that 8 year gap now... Suggestion: WATCH TOKYO DRIFT! I know Paul said they aren't into the idea of going through the old ones, but it is just. so. HDTGM. It is bonkers. And somehow, no matter how bonkers it was or is, there is just something that is so endearing about it. Honestly, Justin Lin managed a handful of really subtle, beautiful moments in a movie like this. Initial D references abound as well! DOOOO IT!
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    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    HeynongEggnoggman reporting for duty!
  3. Mmmmm, solid episode. This is my first post! Massive, massive fan of HDTGM finally taking the plunge to the forums. Plungers for hot deuces! I have an omission that seemed to be on the tip of Paul's tongue but never materialized -- there was a moment where it felt like he was going to mention and/or discuss something about a song by Splinter in the TMNT "Coming Out of Their Shells Tour" musical. Oh man, how I wished he would. That. Song. Is. Next-level. Bonkers. It's basically Splinter just hanging out and singing a song for like, fucking ten minutes, about skipping stones. After waxing philosophical in his frightening rat outfit and doing vaguely yoga-like poses, the performance vacillates between stage scenes and post-edit video of Splinter picking up and throwing stones. That's the chorus. That's the message. That's the song. Out of nowhere, the entire show takes an intrinsic turn that it is literally boring on a hysterical level. God, those freaking craptastic 80s-esque water sounds. My credentials -- unfortunately, like that one really lame dude in the crowd, I also owned this VHS growing up and watched it constantly. I am pretty sure my mom let me buy it from a bargain bin (Zouks translation: "pile of garbage") somewhere. Anyway, I really hope this post doesn't get buried (or maybe/hopefully it has already been mentioned?) so that Paul can unearth this gem in the ways only he can.