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    Episode 295 - Rebecca Black

    this show's been really killin it lately. rebecca black was incredible on this, and her song is shockingly stunning Also I just recommended We Live in Public earlier this week, so hearing Jensen bring it back up got me sayin "Fuck yea" out loud, by myself.
  2. 1978 Matty: Days of Heaven Jensen: (Not alive yet) Mentioned: Halloween, Superman, Deerhunter, Midnight Express, An Unmarried Woman 1979: Matty: Alien Jensen: Apocalypse Now Mentioned: Full Metal Jacket, Hearts of Darkness, Bridge over River Kwai, From Here to Eternity, Platoon, The Jerk, Life of Brian, Manhattan, Being There 1980: Matty: The Shining Jensen: Empire Strikes Back Mentioned: Raging Bull, A Dress To Kill 1981: Matty: Blowout Jensen: Raiders of the Lost Ark Mentioned: Road Warrior, Modern Romance 1982: Matty: Blade Runner Jensen: Poltergeist Mentioned: ET, Badlands, Tootsie, Dark Crystal, Wrath of Khan, Conan, 1983: Matty: Terms of Endearment Jensen: A Christmas Story Mentioned: Scarface, Videodrome, Vacation, Return of the Jedi 1984: Matty: Amadeus Jensen: Muppets Take Manhattan Mentioned: Ghostbusters, Temple of Doom, Spinal Tap, Terminator, Dune, Body Double, Blood Simple 1985: Matty: Brazil Jensen: Clue Mentioned: Back to the Future, Goonies, Lost In America, Breakfast Club, 1986: Matty: Blue Velvet Jensen: Three Amigos Mentioned: Aliens, Stand By Me, Big Trouble in Little China, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Little Shop of Horrors 1987: Matty: Full Metal Jacket Jensen: Dragnet Mentioned: Princess Bride, Raising Arizona, RoboCop, Full Metal Jacket, Lost Boys, Evil Dead 2, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Broadcast News, 1988: Matty: Beetlejuice Jensen: Beetlejuice Mentioned: Die Hard, They Live, Thin Blue Line, Young Guns, Midnight Run, A Fish Called Wanda, 1989: Matty: Drugstore Cowboy Jensen: The Burbs Mentioned: Do The Right Thing, Say Anything, The Abyss, The Last Crusade 1990: Matty: Wild At Heart Jensen: Misery Mentioned: Goodfellas, Miller’s Crossing, Arachnophobia, 1991: Matty: Thelma and Louise Jensen: Defending Your Life Mentioned: Silence of the Lambs, Fisher King, Point Break, Barton Fink, Terminator 2, The Doors, JFK, Boys N Da Hood 1992: Matty: Reservoir Dogs Jensen: Batman Returns Mentioned: A Few Good Men, Unforgiven, White Men Can’t Jump, Glen Gary Glen Ross, Fire Walk With Me, 1993: Matty: Groundhogs Day Jensen: Groundhogs Days Mentioned: Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Carlito’s Way, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Age of Innocence, True Romance, 1994: Matty: Pulp Fiction Jensen: Pulp Fiction Mentioned: Natural Born Killers, Hoop Dreams 1995: Matty: Se7en Jensen: Se7en Mentioned: Crumb, Braveheart, 12 Monkeys, Casino, Billy Madison, Showgirls, Before Sunrise, Heat, Tommy Boy, Sense and Sensibilities, 1996: Matty: Cable Guy Jensen: Fargo Mentioned: Jerry McGuire, Breaking the Waves, Waiting for Guffman, The Rock, Basqueat, Kingpin, 1997: Matty: Starship Troopers Jensen: Boogie Nights Mentioned: The Game, As Good as it Gets, Jackie Brown, Face/off, The Ice Storm 1998: Matty: Rushmore Jensen: The Big Lebowski Mentioned: Truman Show, Rounders, Dark City, Happiness, Kiki’s Delivery Service, 1999: Matty: The Matrix Jensen: Bowfinger Mentioned: Sixth Sense, Eyes Wide Shut, Toy Story 2, Fight Club, Being John Malcovich, Galaxy Quest, Magnolia, The Insider, South Park, Princess Mononoke, Iron Giant, Election, Beyond The Mat 2000 Matty: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Jensen: Best in Show Mentioned: Requiem for a Dream, Unbreakable, You Can Count On Me, Dance in the Dark 2001 Matty: Fellowship of the Ring Jensen: Mulholland Drive Mentioned: Donnie Darko, Training Day, The Others, Royal Tenenbaums, Ghost World, Spirited Away 2002 Matty: Adaptation Jensen: Adaptation Mentioned: Two Towers, Panic Room, Pianist, Irreversible, Minority Report, About Schmidt, Y To Mama Tambien, Unfaithful 2003 Matty: Kill Bill Vol. 1 Jensen: Old Boy Mentioned: Lost in Translation, Bad Santa, Master and Commander, American Splendor, In America, Intolerable Cruelty, 2004 Matty: Shawn of the Dead Jensen: Sideways Mentioned: 2005 Matty: Brokeback Mountain Jensen: The Squid and the Whale Mentioned: Batman Begins, 40 Year Old Virgin, Pride and Prejudice, New World 2006 Matty: Children of Men Jensen: The Prestige Mentioned: Apocalypto, The Departed, Borat, Pans Labyrinth, The Lives of Others 2007 Matty: No Country for Old Men Jensen: There Will Be Blood Mentioned: Zodiac, Superbad, Hot Fuzz 2008 Matty: The Wrestler Jensen: Burn After Reading Mentioned: Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, Let The Right One In, Dark Knight, In Bruges, Schenectady NY, 2009 Matty: Inglorious Basterds Jensen: Fantastic Mister Fox Mentioned: Zombieland, Moon, Drag Me To Hell, District 9, A Serious Man, Hurt Locker, 2010 Matty: Scott Pilgrim vs The World Jensen: Exit Through the Gift Shop Mentioned: Never Let Me Go, Winter’s Bone, Inception, Social Network, Black Swan, 2011 Matty: Margaret Jensen: 50/50 Mentioned: Moneyball, Drive, Bridesmades, Warhorse, Shame, 2012 Matty: Django Unchained Jensen: Moonrise Kingdom Mentioned: End of Watch, The Hobbit, Beast of the Southern Wild, Magic Mike, Dredd, 2013 Matty: 12 Years a Slave Jensen: Prisoners Mentioned: 2014 Matty: Edge of Tomorrow Jensen: Whiplash Mentioned: Under the Skin, Foxcatcher, 2015 Matty: Mad Max Fury Road Jensen: Sicario Mentioned: Hateful Eight, Anomolisa, De Palma 2016 Matty: Manchester By The Sea Jensen: Hell or High Water, Mentioned: Tickled 2017 Matty: Logan Jensen: Logan Mentioned: La La Land, Get Out I also posted this over on the Earwolf SubReddit. In that post, I linked to every movie's IMDb page
  3. ousse

    Episode 239 - Mike Bridenstine

    I hope to heck that SOMEONE adds to this rap beef with a compliment rap battle.
  4. I did not know that this was an issue that 1) people were talking about nor 2) had been solved by PFT himself! I know I've been stressing about it for some time myself, though, aand so I'd like to share my own designs, if that's OK With the community and/or the Content Creator Himself.