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    Episode 295 - Rebecca Black

    this show's been really killin it lately. rebecca black was incredible on this, and her song is shockingly stunning Also I just recommended We Live in Public earlier this week, so hearing Jensen bring it back up got me sayin "Fuck yea" out loud, by myself.
  2. 1978 Matty: Days of Heaven Jensen: (Not alive yet) Mentioned: Halloween, Superman, Deerhunter, Midnight Express, An Unmarried Woman 1979: Matty: Alien Jensen: Apocalypse Now Mentioned: Full Metal Jacket, Hearts of Darkness, Bridge over River Kwai, From Here to Eternity, Platoon, The Jerk, Life of Brian, Manhattan, Being There 1980: Matty: The Shining Jensen: Empire Strikes Back Mentioned: Raging Bull, A Dress To Kill 1981: Matty: Blowout Jensen: Raiders of the Lost Ark Mentioned: Road Warrior, Modern Romance 1982: Matty: Blade Runner Jensen: Poltergeist Mentioned: ET, Badlands, Tootsie, Dark Crystal, Wrath of Khan, Conan, 1983: Matty: Terms of Endearment Jensen: A Christmas Story Mentioned: Scarface, Videodrome, Vacation, Return of the Jedi 1984: Matty: Amadeus Jensen: Muppets Take Manhattan Mentioned: Ghostbusters, Temple of Doom, Spinal Tap, Terminator, Dune, Body Double, Blood Simple 1985: Matty: Brazil Jensen: Clue Mentioned: Back to the Future, Goonies, Lost In America, Breakfast Club, 1986: Matty: Blue Velvet Jensen: Three Amigos Mentioned: Aliens, Stand By Me, Big Trouble in Little China, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Little Shop of Horrors 1987: Matty: Full Metal Jacket Jensen: Dragnet Mentioned: Princess Bride, Raising Arizona, RoboCop, Full Metal Jacket, Lost Boys, Evil Dead 2, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Broadcast News, 1988: Matty: Beetlejuice Jensen: Beetlejuice Mentioned: Die Hard, They Live, Thin Blue Line, Young Guns, Midnight Run, A Fish Called Wanda, 1989: Matty: Drugstore Cowboy Jensen: The Burbs Mentioned: Do The Right Thing, Say Anything, The Abyss, The Last Crusade 1990: Matty: Wild At Heart Jensen: Misery Mentioned: Goodfellas, Miller’s Crossing, Arachnophobia, 1991: Matty: Thelma and Louise Jensen: Defending Your Life Mentioned: Silence of the Lambs, Fisher King, Point Break, Barton Fink, Terminator 2, The Doors, JFK, Boys N Da Hood 1992: Matty: Reservoir Dogs Jensen: Batman Returns Mentioned: A Few Good Men, Unforgiven, White Men Can’t Jump, Glen Gary Glen Ross, Fire Walk With Me, 1993: Matty: Groundhogs Day Jensen: Groundhogs Days Mentioned: Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Carlito’s Way, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Age of Innocence, True Romance, 1994: Matty: Pulp Fiction Jensen: Pulp Fiction Mentioned: Natural Born Killers, Hoop Dreams 1995: Matty: Se7en Jensen: Se7en Mentioned: Crumb, Braveheart, 12 Monkeys, Casino, Billy Madison, Showgirls, Before Sunrise, Heat, Tommy Boy, Sense and Sensibilities, 1996: Matty: Cable Guy Jensen: Fargo Mentioned: Jerry McGuire, Breaking the Waves, Waiting for Guffman, The Rock, Basqueat, Kingpin, 1997: Matty: Starship Troopers Jensen: Boogie Nights Mentioned: The Game, As Good as it Gets, Jackie Brown, Face/off, The Ice Storm 1998: Matty: Rushmore Jensen: The Big Lebowski Mentioned: Truman Show, Rounders, Dark City, Happiness, Kiki’s Delivery Service, 1999: Matty: The Matrix Jensen: Bowfinger Mentioned: Sixth Sense, Eyes Wide Shut, Toy Story 2, Fight Club, Being John Malcovich, Galaxy Quest, Magnolia, The Insider, South Park, Princess Mononoke, Iron Giant, Election, Beyond The Mat 2000 Matty: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Jensen: Best in Show Mentioned: Requiem for a Dream, Unbreakable, You Can Count On Me, Dance in the Dark 2001 Matty: Fellowship of the Ring Jensen: Mulholland Drive Mentioned: Donnie Darko, Training Day, The Others, Royal Tenenbaums, Ghost World, Spirited Away 2002 Matty: Adaptation Jensen: Adaptation Mentioned: Two Towers, Panic Room, Pianist, Irreversible, Minority Report, About Schmidt, Y To Mama Tambien, Unfaithful 2003 Matty: Kill Bill Vol. 1 Jensen: Old Boy Mentioned: Lost in Translation, Bad Santa, Master and Commander, American Splendor, In America, Intolerable Cruelty, 2004 Matty: Shawn of the Dead Jensen: Sideways Mentioned: 2005 Matty: Brokeback Mountain Jensen: The Squid and the Whale Mentioned: Batman Begins, 40 Year Old Virgin, Pride and Prejudice, New World 2006 Matty: Children of Men Jensen: The Prestige Mentioned: Apocalypto, The Departed, Borat, Pans Labyrinth, The Lives of Others 2007 Matty: No Country for Old Men Jensen: There Will Be Blood Mentioned: Zodiac, Superbad, Hot Fuzz 2008 Matty: The Wrestler Jensen: Burn After Reading Mentioned: Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, Let The Right One In, Dark Knight, In Bruges, Schenectady NY, 2009 Matty: Inglorious Basterds Jensen: Fantastic Mister Fox Mentioned: Zombieland, Moon, Drag Me To Hell, District 9, A Serious Man, Hurt Locker, 2010 Matty: Scott Pilgrim vs The World Jensen: Exit Through the Gift Shop Mentioned: Never Let Me Go, Winter’s Bone, Inception, Social Network, Black Swan, 2011 Matty: Margaret Jensen: 50/50 Mentioned: Moneyball, Drive, Bridesmades, Warhorse, Shame, 2012 Matty: Django Unchained Jensen: Moonrise Kingdom Mentioned: End of Watch, The Hobbit, Beast of the Southern Wild, Magic Mike, Dredd, 2013 Matty: 12 Years a Slave Jensen: Prisoners Mentioned: 2014 Matty: Edge of Tomorrow Jensen: Whiplash Mentioned: Under the Skin, Foxcatcher, 2015 Matty: Mad Max Fury Road Jensen: Sicario Mentioned: Hateful Eight, Anomolisa, De Palma 2016 Matty: Manchester By The Sea Jensen: Hell or High Water, Mentioned: Tickled 2017 Matty: Logan Jensen: Logan Mentioned: La La Land, Get Out I also posted this over on the Earwolf SubReddit. In that post, I linked to every movie's IMDb page
  3. ousse

    Episode 239 - Mike Bridenstine

    I hope to heck that SOMEONE adds to this rap beef with a compliment rap battle.
  4. I did not know that this was an issue that 1) people were talking about nor 2) had been solved by PFT himself! I know I've been stressing about it for some time myself, though, aand so I'd like to share my own designs, if that's OK With the community and/or the Content Creator Himself.
  5. ousse

    Joke Covers

    I'm reeling in it right now. I might be more mad about the loud cheerers for "we blew up two of your countries."
  6. ousse


    I only know my behringer 802 mixer, but the 3rd of the 4 inputs on the board, besides the two microphone inputs, is a left/right 1/4" input. You can get a cable that is 1/4" left/right on one end and a 3/8" input on the other end. They should cost less than 10 bucks and the 3/8" input can plug right into your iPhone or iPad. I use the Skype app on my iPad with headphones plugged into the board, because I like the sound quality of Skype a lot better than a regular phone call. The other option, if your guest has professional equipment, is to call them on the phone using your earbuds and both of you individually record your own disembodied audio track in your individual recording spaces, and then have your guest email you the exported MP3 file. You can edit them together by like counting down together so that you know where the audio lines up. I recommend using your headphones so that each track is clean; you want to use this method so that both of you sound professional at a distance, and nothing ruins that like a speakerphone in the background with lag.