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  1. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 452 - Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!

    "Have you met Jon Dogz? He's the opposite of Jon Katz." Stop all current and future podcast content generation and distribution because the form has peaked and any attempts to improve will be futile. (Sorry about your careers, Earwolf staff.)
  2. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 449 - Nasty Lyrics

    I listened to this podcasted content while driving my car, which turned out to be dangerous because I had to kneel down in protest when Scott and Paul started to sing the national anthem and lost almost all control over my gas and brake pedals.
  3. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 444 - Mind Your Please and Questions

    It may sound bizarro, but Tig Notaro borrowed some sorrow from Dave Navarro in a Sbarro at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  4. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 443 - This Is Your Boy Troy

    OR! Just THREE modifications away from being a REALLY enormous penis!
  5. Crybaby Jones

    Comedy Bang! Bang! to end after 5 seasons on IFC

    This show will always be #1 on the call sheet...of my heart.
  6. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    He said he just started to wear glasses. I wonder if he got them from an Internet-based retailer who will deliver a good product at a fair price and also donates to a good cause, much like Leesa or Tom's Shoes.
  7. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 432 - Dana Carvey's Micro-Impressions

    Maybe it's just me, but for me I remember seeing Dana Carvey do his "Choppin' Broccoli" bit on Turkey Television some 30 years ago, and his tenure at SNL was right in my adolescent wheelhouse in terms of comedy education (ie who I stole from to seem funny at school), so it's weird but true when I say that Dana Carvey was a revelation on this episode. I think his comedy in general and his impressions in particular are perfect for podcasts. He was perfect as the guest in the first half and handled the other two characs so well that I had a hard time believing he'd never done CBB before. Scott sounded truly delighted the whole time. No idea if he was sincere about being so far (intentionally) removed from the scene but MAN I hope Scotty and Earwolf can give this guy as many hours per week as he wants to fill with his impressions, comedy theory, character work, or whatever else a Dana Carvey podcast would include. Hell, he can make his kids co-hosts if he wants. In summary, I thought this was a grepisode even though it had John G. instead of Jon G. More, please!
  8. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 428 - Get Donk'd

    Maybe it's just me, but to me this was a great ep. Rhys was hilarious and I thought Reggie the slave-trainer could've used another 20 minutes to really get over the top on his charac. I hope they're both back, so they'll finally have something in common with "The Donk!"
  9. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    OH! JOHN Lennon! I thought they were talking about someone who shot TOM Lennon, which made sense in my head because he stopped calling in.
  10. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    I thought they were going in a Podcast terrible-quality direction when they mentioned Victor's new phrase-by-phrase recording method. There's still comedy to harvest from that field, Brendon!
  11. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 409 - Man Brats

    I wish Vlasic and Bryce would've had more meltdowns and less calm character backstory discussion.
  12. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    OOOOOOOH! That makes more sense than what I heard. I thought they said "Little Plastic Asshole" and that sounded funny but not real. The truth is less funny but way more believable.
  13. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 403 - This Ain't Now, This is Then

    Randy Snutz' voice reminded me of Frito from Idiocracy. In a good way. I hope he comes back soon. Or maybe he's already been back and we won't hear it for two years, magic mailbox style.
  14. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 400 - The War on Surfing

    If you're going to the North Carolina Durham show: "Use offer code LIVE to get the best seats and buy before Friday's on sale!"
  15. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 400 - The War on Surfing

    I listened to the first half-hour or so in my car, just long enough to hear the big tour announcement. Which was also just long enough to get mad at Scott for just saying that the tour is coming to "North Carolina," which is very vague ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA AND WANT TO GO TO THE SHOW. It's more than 500 miles wide from east to west! Charlotte is not near Raleigh! Greensboro gets an unusually high number of shows! Hollywood-types like Wilmington! Don't name a series of specific cities and then name an entire STATE, Scott! Once I got to work I checked my social mediums and LO AND BEHOLD the show is coming to the correct city in North Carolina. See you in Durham in May, and feel free to reach out if you have some free time before or after the show and want suggestions.
  16. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 397 - My Silly Moss Man

    I've heard of being bored by lectures, but being lectured by the board?!?
  17. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 397 - My Silly Moss Man

    I'm going to go with "never heard" it. Looks like that ep came out right before CBB podcasts became a regular part of my work commute. RT this comment if you want me to listen to that ep and risk a possible emotional breakdown. Fave this comment if you think I should not listen to that ep and leave well enough alone.
  18. Crybaby Jones

    Episode 397 - My Silly Moss Man

    Maybe it's just me, but for me I was cringing every time Comedy Band! Band! started to veer towards "not that kind of show" territory with Weirdo Al in the studio. That guy has managed to maintain a PG-13 reputation in my mind, and I'm afraid of what it would do to my perception of him if he got into any greater detail about exactly what Sir Mix-A-Lot wanted the various ladies of the world to put on the proverbial glass. "Pee" and "poo" jokes were about the limit that I could process without having to totally reconsider who and what he is. No idea what I would've done if I'd heard him go blue. I'm super-thrilled with the news that Weirdo Al is the co-host and music guy for the TV show. I'm super-bummed to be one of the jerks who doesn't get IFC and has to wait until the eps come out on Netflix.
  19. Crybaby Jones

    Best of 2015 Pt. 1

    Just finished Pt. 1 and I was glad to hear that Scott closed with that version of "Next Year People." Colin Hay was my favorite myooosical guest this year, followed closely by John Grant.
  20. Crybaby Jones

    EPISODE 389 — Travel Agent-Si!

    The blackface/#2 bit was killer. I mean that figuratively, although I almost meant it literally because I was driving on a busy road as I was listening and it was hard to focus on that task because I was laughing so much. The Waitress was a good guest. I can see why Charlie likes her so much.
  21. Crybaby Jones

    EPISODE 385 — The Beatles of Cults

    You're like the angle opposite the hypotenuse: Right. She was funny on Doughboys when she was drooling all over Chick-fil-a but I kept feeling like she was doing a character because her speaking voice sounds so cartoony. I suppose I just assumed she was doing a voice in her previous CBB appearances, but no.
  22. Crybaby Jones

    EPISODE 380 — A Colinary Journey

    Josh Homme has some great hair.
  23. Crybaby Jones

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    This is the most C+ ep ever, and it recalibrates the scale by which all eps past and future shall be judged. I enjoyed the whole thing as content sure, but I also enjoyed it on a meta level because it's so clear that Scott & Scott are both stupidly happy idiots the whole time they're there with the Lads From Liverpool and I was stupidly happy for them. And that's impressive, because I live on the opposite coast and I've only ever seen them on TV or in movies and they have no idea who I am but they've both provided me with a lot of...uh...great content over the last few years and I felt like I was hearing good news (GREAT news) from a friend. Maybe I'll show my appreciation by buying a FUCKING T-SHIRT.
  24. Crybaby Jones

    EPISODE 360 — Snow Dome

    Long-time listener, first-time poster. I registered just so I could give Paul Brittain BIG ups for the Chicago Sting jersey. I grew up a Cleveland Force fan myself and I hated the Sting just slightly less than I hated the Baltimore Blast. We're about the same age - I wonder if indoor soccer holds the same weird spot in his heart as it does in mine. As for the ep, I like to think the ISIS angle would've taken off if Scott or Jimmy had caught it earlier, or if Paul/Fitch hadn't just let it slip away when Scott & Jimmy first included an "O" in their acronym. It's tough to correct something like that without giving away the whole premise in the first few minutes of the appearance. Not my favorite but Paul's weird accent voices make me laugh. Probably because they immediately make me think of Croatian import Goran "Funky Boy" Bogdan, which is a nice and funny thing to think about when the CBB ep is more of a C- than C+.