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  1. I love it when I learn cool things like semi-famous alt-rock songsters of yesteryear are probably super-rich for helping to write and/or produce other people's mega hits. This guy, that woman from 4 Non-Blondes, the guy from Geggy Tah, the guy from New Radicals...others.

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  2. I haven't heard Jesse Ventura's actual voice in many moons so maybe it's just me, but for me James Adomian's impression of him is dead-on perfect.


    I even imagine that the real Jesse Ventura will dissolve into giggles when someone mentions Kitty Kelly.

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  3. I sincerely tried to get into Comedy Bang! Bang!, and podcasts in general, several years ago when I downloaded an ep to listen to with my wife (Mai waiiife!) while we made Thanksgiving dinner one year, then almost immediately stopped listening when the show started with A LOT of talk about the weather.


    Didn't give the podcast much of a second thought until about three years ago when I got a new car with a USB port as part of the stereo, which made it all too easy to plug in my phone and listen. I got on the CBB horse for good somewhere around #297 (Taking the Bladder Out) and haven't looked back. It also helped that I cut my regular cable TV (television) somewhere around there and replaced it with a Roku that let me watch old eps of the CBB TV program that I hadn't previously been able to see because WTF is IFC LOL.


    Thanks for 500 episodes. One of these days I'll buy a t-shirt.


    Now I'm one of those jolly assholes who can't help but sing-repeat "It's been" and/or "It's been a while" whenever someone else says it.


    The show turned me onto the Birthday Boys, Andy Daly, and proved that I was correct to have a crush on Lauren Lapkus from when I knew of her only from Oranges: The New Black.

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  4. Yea, it's just a landing page. I'm not really looking at entering the jam business but maybe one of these nights I'll actually spend some time on it and add more.


    Maybe it's just me, but for me I'm happy to have a real-life example of a "landing page" to think about, when next I hear a commercial for Squarespace.


    "Oh yes," I'll say to myself, "like that fine page about the jellies, jams and preserves that they guy from the Comedy Bang Bang forum built on behalf of an imaginary character."

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    Actually I think they did that a few times, because I enjoyed it. "Beeeef Jelly" is probably one of the top 3 uses of Kenan Thompson in his 24 year run on SNL. I was using "stupid" in a loving manner


    I should not be surprised that people who actually post to a message board about a comedy podcast would also remember tiny details about this particular sketch. Seth's "Boston Powers" immediately came to mind when I heard this ep, and I haven't been able to stop calling people "Funky Boy" for a week now.

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  6. It's great that Scotty could book Nick Thune and the world's second breakdancer for this ep, but the REAL impressive feat is FINALLY getting Motion Capture on as a guest!


    I mean, the guy's been in I don't know how many movies, TV shows, and video games over the years and I'm sure his schedule is just packed tighter than Adam Scott's little butt so BIG UPS to Scott for the booking!


    Maybe it's just me, but for me he didn't sound anything like I was expecting. Isn't it weird when that happens?!?

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  7. I'm only almost half way into the episode, but I just had to point out that I'm questioning the spelling of the episode title. I'm assuming that Scott and Ben probably thought 'Quatrolo' in their head since quatro -> 4 rather than cuatro. I delayed being a pedantic ass until at least listening to the top of the show because I assumed that spelling was arrived at by Scott and Ben wasting 5 minutes arguing about how it should be spelled, but since I've past that point I'm on to questioning the hiring practices at Earwolf. Find some interns who can spell a made up word!!!!


    "Cuatro" is Spanish for four. "Quatro" is Portugeuse for four.* Maybe they moved away from Spanish after they learned what "trolo" means in some parts of South America?



    *I learned this when a band I like released their fourth studio album and called it "Quatro" and then had to explain at their live shows that they screwed up the Spanish but were saved by the Portuguese.

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  8. I had the same reaction to Rowley, I was thinking "is his real voice just Ming???" I think I got clowned


    There was a tiny second during the Plugs song where it sounds like Showalter asks him if "Cookin' With Gas" is a real show, and Rowley says something - in what sounded like a non-accented voice to me, at least as far as I could tell with the song playing and the road noise that's always in the background because I listen while I drive - about how he never knows how to do plugs for himself while he's in character.


    Scott freaks out a bit, maybe because he's pissed about someone talking over the song or maybe because he doesn't want to break kayfabe.

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  9. Rowley killed me right from the start of his segment. Glad to hear him doing something other than Ming, this was amazing.


    I thought Mark Sarsgaard the Crime Scene Cleaner/Expert was v. funny and I'll keep an ear(wolf) open for future appearances, but the voice/accent was Mingy to the point of distraction for me. I kept expecting Mark to clown us by suddenly making a sports reference and reveal that he's really Ming! Boy, I sure would've felt clowned if something like that had happened.

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  10. Al sang "State of Shock" as part of his "Hooked on Polkas" medley. C'mon, Scott.


    I remember clearly this part of the medley because of the way Al sings "Eeeew!" like he's disgusted.


    I CANNOT remember anything I learned in Algebra II in high school, which Generals led which battles during the Civil War, or where on our office intranet I should look for certain product codes we use for internal communication.


    This can only mean that Weirdo Al should record a series of polka-style study guides for grades K-Post Graduate University.

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