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  1. Exactly my point! So ridiculous! Endlessly entertaining...silly at the same time so self serious. Stallone is wooden while everyone else is acting like thier hair is on fire. And and and...Stallone wrote and directed this during the same time he directed Staying Alive and wrote and starred in Rhinestone...this is exactly why he had a 40 year hollywood career...he makes incredible garbage but also produces amazing stuff like this (seemingly by accident)
  2. I'd like to know what everyone's opinion is on Rocky 3 -- this is my first recomendation on this forum, but I don't see any discussion of this classic in the Rocky pantheon. I rewatched Rocky 3 recently and so much of this movie is legitimately bonkers -- endless montages, the birth of Hulk Hogan: public figure, Mr T playing a legitimately terrifying character, the casual racism of 80s Hollywood, plus boatloads of half-naked men drenched in baby oil. But there is a sincere theme in this movie. Rocky goes soft after tasting success, he is deluded that he is still good, and then he fails when his mettle is truly tested. Everything is thrown into doubt for him -- was he ever good, or was he merely lucky? And then cut to more training and fighting montages. Mr. T's performance in this film cannot be overstated. For someone who became a beloved public figure know for being gentle with children, Mr. T as Clubber Lang is --holy shit-- a masterpiece in the characterization of the black rage of the 60s and 70s, class rage, defiance, and will. Please Please consider this movie for HDTGM, preferably with Matt Jones as the guest.