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  1. Zeuz's Lazy Eye

    Showgirls (1995)

    BUMP! Maybe this will get done on the 4 year anniversary this thread was made. *Fingers Crossed*
  2. Zeuz's Lazy Eye

    Hulk (2003)

    I LITERALLY fell asleep in the theater for this one, I think it's just more of a boring movie than an outright terrible one.
  3. Zeuz's Lazy Eye

    Hard Target (1993)

    Sorry, just checked and realized somebody already created a thread for this my bad. I still stand by it though LOL
  4. Zeuz's Lazy Eye

    Hard Target (1993)

    Just for the sake of them breaking down this part of the movie...
  5. Zeuz's Lazy Eye

    Why did they change the theme song?

    The new theme is great and sometimes I just FFWD through it to get right to the episode NO BIG DEAL. With that being said I think Ribelin2000 has clearly LET THE HATE FLOW THROUGH HIM, NOW HIS TRANSFORMATION IS COMPLETE