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  1. Sean Connery's Trophy Wife

    Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

    Obviously I'm biased, but this has got to be worth it for Sean Connery's exit alone. It's like he had an agreement that he would film for exactly so many minutes and when the timer went off, SIR SEAN OUT.
  2. Sean Connery's Trophy Wife

    Repo! The Genetic Opera

    The fact that Paris Hilton's face falls off should be enough reason to do this movie.
  3. Sean Connery's Trophy Wife

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    Omission: When they discussed the scene in the bathroom, I was surprised they did not mention the GASOLINE SOAKED POLICE UNIFORM. After the spider robot kills the female officer in the stall, her body catches fire and shoots sparks. For some reason, the male police officer checking on her is shocked by the spider robot, falls down, and also catches fire, even though he's several feet away and it makes no sense for the small flames to travel that far. There was no reason for him to catch fire, unless his uniform was insanely flammable. He lit up like a dead Christmas tree. Did Michael Creighton just really want to make sure we knew that guy was dead? Until he caught fire, there was a possibility that he survived. Once he's lying there completely still and on fire, you're pretty sure he's a goner. I did not screen capture that and now my rental period is over. I did, however, screen capture the stuffed dog that's visible when Ramsay goes into the house with the first killer robot/baby. I still own one of these stuffed dogs! They're called Le Mutts. I was more excited by the stuffed dog than anything else in this movie.