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    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    So-I loved this choice for the next HDTGM film! I definitely agree that it took itself too seriously, unlike Crank and Crank 2, however it still had that Neveldine/Taylor tone One thing that I think was missed was that at the end, when the scene on the basketball court begins, Michael C Hall is referencing Bruce Lee from (I believe) "Enter the Dragon". There is a famous scene where Bruce Lee is fighting one of the "Super-Bad-Guys" at the end of either Enter the Dragon or one of the other big ones where Bruce Lee is slashed across his stomach leaving 3 slashes across his abdomen, just like Michael C Hall's inexplicable slash that he receives from Gereard Butler. He's also wearing a robe similar to Bruce Lee's iconic garb. Anyhow, obviously not super important, but I thought it was a bizarre reference in the middle of and even more bizarre film. That's all for now
  2. CoryFrazer

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    Wow. So happy I watched this movie! Just started listening to the podcast about a month ago and I'm working backwards from the most recent episodes and this one has been my favorite so far! I have seen many of the others featured (such as the AMAZINGly awesome Nic Cage duo of Con Air and Face OffI) but so far this one has blown my mind the most. I'm quite certain that the reason for the whole "unconventional hero" ending is actually extremely heroic because the demons he must face are his alone. The film throws some weird "mother savior" role to Cynthia Rhodes (Ramsay's partner/Flashdance girl) where they could've done something progressive; instead of giving her a strong character/personality they dress her in a floral print dress and have her rescue the child from harm(Kirstie Alley would've SO rocked as this role if the characters had been swapped. I totally agree with what either Rhea or June said [i believe]) The rescue of Ramsay's son allows for our hero to go out on his own to face his own "masculine" issues now that his child is being cared for again by yet another surrogate mother. This movie drips with testosterone and odd Freudian comments on the structure needed to provide a hetero-normative household while attempting to make comments on the future of technology. SO RAD and BAD lol!! Thank You!! I will and do recommend