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    Cursed (2005)

    Cursed, the 2005 Wes Craven werewolf film starring Jesse Eisenberg, Joshua Jackson, Christina Ricci, and Christina Ricci's hairline. In all honesty, I enjoy this film way too much. Probably because it has the vibe of a 90's film, but executed with more money, poorly. The backstory to this film is crazy too; apparently it shot for 2+years due to re-writes and re-shoots? https://en.wikipedia...ilm)#Production There are just so many great, bad moments in this film that I absolutely live for, like full on (spoiler alert) werewolf Judy Greer busting through a window to give Christina Ricci the finger. And the "celebrity" cameos! You got a sleazy Scott Baio as Scott Baio, Mya as a horny leopard clad groupie, and a heavily featured Craig Kilborn of The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Fun fact: by the time the movie finally came out, Craig Kilborn had already left the show and was replaced with Craig Ferguson. Check out the trailer here:
  2. MessicaGrabbit

    Poison Ivy

    The bastardization of 'Lolita' with two of America's hottest sex symbols: Drew Barrymore and Tom Skerritt. I'm not sure if reviewing borderline soft core porn is in their wheelhouse, but good God this movie deserves some kind of treatment. It does carry some tell tale signs of a HDTGM film: lost money, spawned 2 direct-to-video soft pornos sequels (along with a 4th one that premiered on the Lifetime Movie Network), and the director came from a professional background working with Roger Corman. This is also one of those movies, speaking subjectively, that I remember fondly: being young, sneaking away to watch it when it came on TV and learning to fetishize male authority figures. Watch it now and it's just....creepy. Looking beyond the surface, the writing and acting was abysmal. And you definitely get bummed that Sara Gilbert doesn't end up with Drew Barrymore in the end.