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  1. Yes, this. I am very new and this is only my second post so I apologize if reviving this thread is annoying. But I've just gotten in the HDTGM Podcast and I'm slightly obsessed and I just rented Birdemic and then listened to that episode and yes! I was surprised that this point about the doves making peace wasn't revealed in these ways: The hosts and guests figuring out that the different cartoon screen-saver of doves and the airhorn scream sound effect being replaced with the cooing meant that they were saving the day. Whitney Moore herself not understanding the ending of the movie she was in. I suppose since the writer/director withheld the whole script, she wouldn't necessarily see this explanation or The characters didn't explicitly say that was happening the same way they did through horrible 90's FPS video game dialogue of describing everything that was happening, ie "We have a stove." "There's some gas" "Here's a fishing pole" "Look, the ocean." "Maybe we can use this fishing pole and the ocean to catch fish." "Yes and we can put gas in the stove and then cook the fish." "Right and then we can eat it." "I want a happy meal!" I really expected five or six lines explaining what the doves were doing ie "Look, those doves are chasing the eagles away." "Doves are the birds of peace." "The doves must be making peace with the eagles." "The doves saved our lives." "Maybe we can all share this planet after all." Anyway, I apologize for drudging this up but I was really expecting this to be mentioned in the podcast or the minisode following. Maybe it was and my attention span was...hey, want to ride bikes??!...but either way, I love the podcast. Thanks for all the entertainment. I'm happy to be part of the forum and apologize if reviving this thread is annoying.
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    Fear (1996)

    I joined just to reccomend this movie. We used to watch in repeatedly in college and laugh at so much of it. There are some of the worst editing mistakes I've ever seen in a movie. When Grisham hangs up the phone angrily, it cuts to a different take, mid-slam and the cord is across his body where it wasn't before. And, of course, Nicole 4 eva!!!! Check this one out. I remember it being so bad it was good but that was when I was 20. It might now be anywhere near as much material to pull apart like Birdemic or Pluto Nash but I remember thinking it was hilariously terrible.