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  1. Anyone ask any good Q's for Sean And Hayes on this week's Who Charted?
  2. I got my friend Sam into the show but I also made up lies about their lives for some reason. Like that Sean and Hayes are roommates and Sean doesn't have a job.
  3. When someone inevitably doesn't log in past the first game can I commandeer their team?
  4. KevinEla

    EPISODE 369 — The Hotwives of Las Vegas

    This was the worst episode of CBB
  5. He is a wonderful comedian
  6. my roommate smokes marijuana
  7. I'd post me again in a relevant shirt but don't want to be pigeonholed as that guy
  8. YEAH. The Plugs theme on today's CBB was a slowed down version of the HH theme with different lyrics. NO CREDIT GIVEN.
  9. I'm a mailman but it's actually ironic because I'm only doing it for because everyone else I work with is old guys
  10. Teaser Freezer Pixels plz
  11. check out this review: "There isn't something for everyone, there's just nothing for no one."
  12. Does anyone want to see Pixels