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  1. One thing is certain - the show cannot stop for the next 4 years at least
  2. I agree, this episode was full of win
  3. _Hannah_

    Eliminated, laminated, or lemonaded?

    I think it's like the medical way to say you peed
  4. _Hannah_

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    According to Hayes it's still for sale at Disney in Anaheim
  5. _Hannah_

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    I would tell my friends to listen to Hollywood Handbook but I'm such an introvert, I'd much rather be curled up with a book and a mocha latte
  6. So amazing that the boys could remain such big sweeties in the face of such a tragedy. And in the face of someone mistaking Pan's Labyrinth for the Bowie vehicle.
  7. _Hannah_

    Best Teaser Freezer

    That mental picture of a skateboarding cactus is what sold me on HH
  8. _Hannah_

    Thanks for the tour

    I LOVE IT This show IconaPop'ed my brain for weeks after
  9. For weeks after the show anytime I saw change (or a screw) I thought of Lauren's rhymes
  10. I really loved hearing Big Sue describe her ideal pizza live. Also the Timekeeper was great, the whole thing was so great. Meeting them all was insane.
  11. _Hannah_

    HH theme songs

    The Popcorn Gallery theme made me feel like I was having a stroke. I mean that as a compliment of course.