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    The answer is yes. I have called someone by a different name during sex. I was going through the grieving process of getting divorced after returning home from iraq. I met with an old girlfriend from highschool when I got stationed in southern California. Thinking this was just a hangout in my current state of mind. I wasn't ready for getting pushed through my bedroom door and being mounted like some tacky taxidermy animal. My phone rang halfway through the sesh. I ignored the call but she prompted me to answer the phone thinking that it would be fun. So I answered the phone, it was my best friend. He asked what I was doing? While trying to multi task, I ended up calling her by my ex wife's name, only halfway but she understood. I then promptly hung up without saying a word to my best friend and spent 3 hours that night trying to explain to her the error of my ways. I apologized with deep sincerity and she finally came to terms with it being okay. Fast forward ten months later, we weren't working out and she happened to be on a cruise with her family. I wasn't going to be able to see her in person before I moved north and ended up breaking my own rules. I tried to break up with her over the phone which I felt terrible about but didn't have any other opportunity considering I was moving nine hours away. I then found out her grandma had just died that morning. I wasnt told this until after I broke up with her on the phone, I am an asshole.