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  1. Lot of school workers coming by the studio these days what with health teacher Joe Bongo and now cafeteria technician Frank Frank. I wonder if either of them know Ms. Listler via the underground teachers and janitors network.


    Isn't Corny Grandpa a crossing guard at a school too? Haha. The voice reminded me of him.

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  2. Don't have a question but hope it is okay to leave a comment about the show.


    I was thrilled to hear about where the piano takes you during your intro monologues. I'm personally a huge fan of of those! Your free-form musings have a rhythm and melody that's theatrical, hypnotic, and hilarious. They shine a light on the art that spoken word can be; and I do mean art.


    Or, motherfuckers just wanna talk. Idk. I sure like to.


    Anyways, please keep up the fantastic, and fantastical, work!

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  3. Lauren Lapkus had me dying with Todd the Nephew; the perfect amount of indignation.


    Todd: "Yeah, I've cum! Gee Whiz! What do ya think?!!! "I have a phone don't I?

    "Go on twitter and type in boobs and dicks"

    Scott: "Moving Gifs of Boobs and Dicks"

    Todd: "Yeah... You'll cum" *said with absolute certainty*


    Also, asking a guest their entire cum history was a great question. I think "most recent cum" is what sets it into hilariously awkward territory.

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  4. Scott: "Yeah, exactly. You didn't realize. You know what, realize next time that maybe your at fault. YOU DUMB OLD BITCH!"


    *awkward pause*


    Other Guy: Woah...


    I fucking died! I love it how Scott can start proper, polite, reserved, ("Hey, this isn't that type of show"), slowly and slowly get more and more crass and unrefined as he gets dragged along, and then end in some emotional breakdown or outburst; man, just the whole fucking range!

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  5. I was pretty torn on this episode; Tabatha was def. one-dimensional (this time) and Tom was not really interacting but it was still fun to listen to.


    The "This is wild stuff" was so strained, it just lumbered along, but towards the end when things were getting bizarre it had a place and was funny.


    My highlights were the different sides of Burbank and the therapy session had some great moments, but Scott really saved this one! He just kept on moving forward and cracking jokes against all odds!