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  1. Ok so there is only one real deal cartoon movie in the Canon, Beauty and the Beast (I know Waltz with Bashir is in there too.). While Devin has a hard no anime policy I do think there need to be more opportunities to have cartoons in the Canon. That said I think to prevent the Canon becoming overloaded with "kids movies" (after all its a podcast for us adult nerds) they should be versus episodes, especially with Disney episodes. That said I think that both Snow White and Toy Story should have their own episodes, or just be inducted automatically like Godfather 1 & 2, and of course The Interview, because of the reaching impact on popular culture. Now I am nominating for the Canon a showdown between what are often considered the two best Pixar movies. That said the arguments for the movies will be too similar to merit the inclusion of both. Both are visually stunning, inventive, emotionally resonant movies that have appeal for both children and adult nerds. For this reason I think they should have to compete rather than coexist.
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    TV Movies

    To answer my own questions 1. Yes, if the primary viewing method is broadcast TV or streaming services it is a TV movie. 2. No, sorry People vs Uncle Juice and the Jinx. A miniseries is a product that is meant to be consumed as a whole with each episode leading directly to the next, while a movie is a self contained narrative where if the creative force behind it died and never finished the sequel would tell the full story. Think Star Wars, it set up a franchise but if Lucas had never made a sequel it still would stand on its own as an excellent movie. (Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 violate this rule, but they were theatrical releases so deal with it.) 3. I think that the aforementioned Beasts of No Nation will be a contender, its a very good movie and the simultaneous theater release and streaming delivery will have a lasting impact. Additionally I think the documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills is in this age of true crime a significant movie, in addition to *Spoilers* literally starting a movement that saved a man's life *Spoiler over*. That said I would understand if Paradise Lost is ineligible as a TV movie, after all it's not TV it's HBO.
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    TV Movies

    On the latest episode of the Canon Amy mentioned that she would like to do a TV movie, and I would love to see this episode. I was wondering 3 things: First would they be counting movies which get a super limited release to be awards eligible, but is simultaneously put on streaming (I'm looking at you Beasts of No Nation), is it still a TV movie? Secondably, should miniseries, especially ones that are longer than 1-2 episodes considered movies? Finally what are some TV movies that would be Canon worthy?
  4. I submit for entry into the Canon 1987's The Princess Bride. Many people my age consider it a classic, and I will admit I enjoy it a great deal. Despite this I am unsure if it belongs in the canon of great films to live on. I feel that, while I would highly reccomend it, I don't know if its viewing is neccesary to understand modern film. *edit* I am afraid this may fall under the nostalgia filter for me, and I am incapable of actually judging its quality objectively. *end edit* I think that this film will lead to a great conversation between the hosts.