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  1. Danarchy

    H.R. Plugger

    HR Giger was back and you didn't use this one????
  2. Danarchy

    H.R. Plugger

    Bump in case H.R. Giger crosses back over
  3. Danarchy

    H.R. Plugger

    H.R. Plugger by DJ Danarchy
  4. Riddler on the Roof by Danarchy - featuring vocals from Cake Boss, H.R. Giger and more! I was messing around with chopping up the "Riddler" theme for fun, and I ended up taking it further than I had planned... So, this lil EDM/Trap/whatever track doesn't fall perfectly into either CBB music category, but I figured I should share it with y'all anyways. I enabled downloads of the lossless file on sound cloud as well as a backup on mediafire, so feel free to grab that instead of SC's stream: Riddler on the Roof - Danarchy feat. CBB SoundCloud Riddler on the Roof - Danarchy feat. CBB Mediafire