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  1. This episode really resonated with me. I didn't grow up as a pastor's child, but I did go to a pretty conservative, theologically heavy church for 8 years until I left about 2 years ago. I'm still unpacking the damage that did to my self-esteem, and I keep having anxiety over whether I made a huge mistake. I definitely feel like the black sheep at times as well.
  2. MattVanEpps

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    I bet Maxwell Keeper loves that "7 Years" song by Lukas Graham.
  3. What It Do, Niece? (Gender equality, of course.)
  4. Classic homophone humor
  5. All's fair in love, war, and a baseball park without foul poles.
  6. MattVanEpps

    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    "Once those factors have been taken into SAID account" killed me.
  7. Honey Boo Boo, it's time to grow up and adopt a more mature name, like Honey Flesh Wound
  8. I've been tattooing Tatooine on a tween named Janine.
  9. You know what they say about guys with big feet. So why am I telling you?
  10. There are two kinds of people in this world . . . actually, wait, no. I miscounted. There are 7.2 billion.
  11. Butter that biscuit