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    Meet the Feebles (1989)

    I am so surprised this doesn't have more posts. My god, Meet the Feebles is perfect for this podcast. Lets just go over what it includes. Jim Henson style puppets who work in a theatre troupe. Sounds like a kids movie right? EXCEPT Drug use, attempted rape, sex, porn filming, threesomes...more drug use, insanity in a puppet movie! Here's the goddamn plot! The eponymous theatre troupe is rehearsing the title song with hopes of finding success through being picked up for a syndicated television show. Heidi, the star of the show, is insulted by pornographic director Trevor and complains to her boss and lover, Bletch, who is actually in an adulterous relationship with Samantha. Meanwhile, Robert, the new member of the team, arrives at the theatre and immediately falls in love with another newcomer, Lucille. Samantha confronts Heidi, insults her, and reveals her relationship with Bletch. Robert confesses his love to Lucille, and the two become engaged. Sidney, Arthur's friend and member of the team, receives a visit from his ex-wife Sandy with his alleged son Seymour (who comically very strongly resembles Sidney). Sandy informs him she will be preparing a paternity case against him. At the toilet, the second most important star of the show, Harry, is suffering from a mystery disease. Meanwhile, Wynyard (the drug-addicted knife thrower) tells Robert his story of Vietnam, and convinces Robert to give him $50 to buy drugs from Trevor. After seeing Trevor's latest porno film, Bletch decides they need a new porn star, and Trevor chooses Lucille; he drugs her and tries to rape her as an audition but is caught by Robert. When he walks in on the scene Robert thinks that Lucille was drinking and throwing herself at Trevor, and tells her he never wants to see her again. After a good beginning – the Feebles sign with a TV chain to appear in a prime-time television show – Bletch confesses to Heidi that he actually hates her and wants to give the main role to Samantha. After trying unsuccessfully to attempt suicide, Heidi goes on a shooting spree and kills many of the cast.