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    EPISODE 81 — A Genealogy of Modern Fear

    I agree with 95% of what you guys say on the podcast, but human evolution and natural selection doesn't just happen when we are "in the food chain" so to speak. Human evolution in the traditional sense is still occurring. For example, natural selection has been responsible for the lessening occurence of congenital diseases, as well as mutations that are effective against viruses and bacteria (and even parasites, such as Africans developing genes that make them resistant to malaria, which is an ongoing process). Another would be the general loss of wisdom teeth in humans that is still occuring as a result of humans chewing softer, more easily masticated foods. Another is the plantaris muscle, which is a muscle in the foot that makes it easier to grasp and hold objects. Even though the majority of people still have it, the numbers are dropping of the people who do (9% of people don't now). Lactose tolerance is still developing in humans (started 3,000-5,000 years ago). Some people still don't have the ability to produce lactase (enzyme which breaks down lactose). Scientists are arguing over whether exposure to smallpox or the plague has led to a number of the population being resistant to HIV. Research shows that our brains are shrinking gradually, making our brains more efficient (still happening) (interconnectivity of neurons has been shown to increase intellect instead of total mass of gray matter). Even if some of these claims turn out to be false, there are many other examples. I'm really disappointed that you guys went with popular opinion on this matter instead of doing a simple Google search of "ongoing human evolution" and reading the research. It's funny to me because scientists say we are actually evolving at a more rapid pace than at any other time in history. Please address this somehow because you are spreading misinformation, and it's really hard to listen to. Otherwise, I love the podcast. Thanks, I hope you actually read this. If you would like to tell me how stupid I am, you can e-mail me at topher5k@yahoo.com