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  1. Frenchfries

    Let's all agree to diss a bee

    Thank you for making me google that
  2. Just ask real nice, Bryce, Tell them what you need, Reed.
  3. Devil Dogs up there shooting hoops with Air Bud
  4. If we are speaking technically I believe we will need two or more hares to start splitting them. Do we track down Bugs maybe?
  5. I should have stopped at three
  6. I added two to account for forum to show lag.
  7. Now ah-ooo Now ah-ooo Alone, alone, alone, alone Alone, alone, alone, alone I'm thinking why, yea, Superman's a squirrel? It's a simple premise but what IF an ordinary squirrel had an ordinary waist. That'd be OK in my books (and I like to think it might just be OK in your books too). Thanks for coming on this journey with me. -FFries