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  1. The "back 30 seconds" button (a cautionary tale)


    As I was listening to the reenactment of the elevator scene I accidentally pressed the back 30 seconds button (conveniently located on my steering wheel) without realizing it . This led me to believe that Scott entered the elevator, Aya made an LA/NY joke, Kether explained how she would some day retell the elevator story, and then Scott asked another question to Bone-queef and then pretended to re-enter the elevator. I then thought that the characters were doing a bit where they were trying to reenact the reenactment of the elevator scene that they had just created. As they were doing this I convinced myself that I was noting subtle differences from the first time I heard it. After about 30 seconds of really enjoying this bit but wanting to better understand the origin of it, I pressed back 30 seconds. This brought me to when Scott got on the elevator so I pressed back 30 seconds again. 30 seconds later I figured out the error of my ways.


    Thanks for listening.

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