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  1. Priority seating is reserved for seniors and men who are currently into online dating
  2. Priority seating is reserved for customers with disabilities, seniors and cool/chill robots.
  3. Danny Boyko

    Plugz Plz

    Plugz Plz Credits: Danny Boyko, Nathan Boyko Produced by: Andrew Oshefski
  4. Better than the Original Credits: Nathan & Danny Boyko, Andrew Oshefski https://soundcloud.c...anny_boyko/btto
  5. Danny Boyko

    What About Plugs?

    What About Plugs? Credits: Boykos: Danny, Mike, Nate
  6. Don't forget to brush your teeth before AND after that meatball sub. Lorde knows one piece of spear mint ain't gonna cover it.
  7. The more wishes you make, the more words it will take, so keep 'em short please.
  8. Making a change is the first step to becoming the bright man you see in the mirror.
  9. Being a computer wiz isn't all it's cracked up to be, believe you me.
  10. I've never finished a four legged race in my life and I'll be damned if I start now.
  11. Moist lips and potato chips. Grab the granny smiths, it's go time boys!
  12. It is with a heavy heart I have finally elected to have surgery to shrink my enlarged heart.
  13. Talk about an early riser! I told you Paul, Mad About You doesn't start filming for another 30 minutes!
  14. Grandpa gets what grandpa wants and right now that's the new latest smart phone on the market.