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  1. Great podcast as usual. Funny that Jack mentioned Drake and murder. Unfortunately thanks to his gangsta poser bullshit two people in Toronto actually did get murdered by a real gangsta.
  2. MaciejNowak

    Episode 18 — Moral Panics

    So I'm listening to past episodes that I haven't heard yet and this one hit really close for me. The Columbine shooting incident (which i would say would be a continuation of the satanic panic) i was about 14 when that happened, I was a weirdo teenager that liked comic books, video games and heavier music. That pissed me off so much. I was just trying to get through highschool and the last thing I needed was CNN telling the world that nerds are pariahs that should be picked on and hassled because otherwise there will surely be another school shooting. I remember a specific thing when I was reading yet another sensational article from the shitty Toronto newspaper about scary music. They were talking about the German industrial band KMFDM that supposedly the two Columbine shooters supposedly listened to. According to the article KMFDM was an acronym for some sort of neo nazi slogan. That got me a bit concerned, nazi bands were advertising in hit parader magazine?? Well, i got on the fancy new internet machine in the public library to investigate. I discovered that it was all bullshit. I learned two things, KMFDM is a great band and you can't trust the media. Anyway, that's my personal anecdote. Cracked is just way too rational some times. I often learn something new or get confirmation about something i'm suspicious of.