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  1. SeasonOfTheBitch

    Episode 16 - Jamie Denbo - Spotlight On: Mrs. Patti Raper

    I would buy the shit out of some Womp merch just FYI. Another glorious ep. Already listened thrice!
  2. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 15 - Jon Daly - Spotlight On: Matt Yanni

    absolutely amazing ep. I have such strong feelings for Womp it up!
  3. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    Let me speak for all British people ever and say: whilst we vaguely know it's not pronounced hey-lee, we also don't give a shit... Just popping into say I loved all the Brit bashing in this episode, it really tickled me!
  4. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 380 — A Colinary Journey

    Err...I think you'll find they're Asian girlS. Katie and kimmy, There are two of them thank you very much.
  5. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 252 — The Mugging Mugger

  6. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    I think baby was dr Conrad Murray all along, it just never came up
  7. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    I immediately went to look at this photo. I'm more concerned about the 50 shades of beige ensemble he's wearing than the paunch
  8. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    Zouks and Kroll is my dream team cast for an ep. This is a delight.
  9. SeasonOfTheBitch

    Favorite quotes from Earwolf shows!

    I've found myself saying "gay lifestyle" a lot when questioning what my friends of the gay persuasion are up to and I only just figured out yesterday it's because Whompler has said it a few times :/ I'm so easily influenced
  10. I've tried asking people to scissor on the wrestling mats....no takers so far...
  11. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    You're the only other person Ive seen here from the uk! Hi! I'm on my third listen of this ep right now. Truly one of the best
  12. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 12 - Jessica Chaffin - Spotlight On: Donna Delpepio

    Gah, this ep just didn't do it for me :/ maybe I need to listen again, but I think it's the first Womp it up episode I didn't super love
  13. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    One of the best eps in a while!
  14. SeasonOfTheBitch

    EPISODE 376 — Romantic Tommy D

    I've got to admit I was starting to lose I Teresa in comedy bang bang for a few episodes, whilst getting into lots of other earwolf podcasts, but these last few episodes have been knocking it out the park, and I'm 100% back on board!