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  1. UncannyMartinSkrehli

    EPISODE 110 — Handbook East with Tom Scharpling

    Is it just me or is it like when Hayes isn't there but it's just Sean I feel like 'boy I wish Hayes was here' and now with this ep I'm like damn I wish Sean was here and then he ended up being there but it wasn't quite the same for me.
  2. or Virgil Tracy, hold the Morgan.
  3. UncannyMartinSkrehli

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Y'all ready to just start bussin' up at these antics?
  4. Or do they behave just like Hayes/Sean BECAUSE of the podcast? Classic nature vs. nurture bro.
  5. UncannyMartinSkrehli

    Recommended starting point for newbie to HH

    Just start with the first one. The bit about the Emmy's speech immediately sets the tone of the boys going forward. Great guests in the first 12 eps or so aswell.
  6. UncannyMartinSkrehli

    Sean finds Dads funny

    Dads is funny. They can be stern but I can hear him cracking wise when his pokerbuddies come over.
  7. New kid on the block y'all.