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  1. VictoriaOosterhout

    Episode 55 - Land Rover

    Man, Paul, you really put Eban through the gauntlet at the top of this episode. Congrats on keeping up with the haunted washing machine story, Eban. Top notch improve piano work there.
  2. VictoriaOosterhout

    Episode 115 - Americaโ€™s Secret Caste System

    Hey Jason, Ivy-league alumna here, I eat pizza with a fork and a knife, but I'm also the only person I know who does that. My parents don't, my friends don't, it's just me. It's a habit I picked up back when I had braces. Also, I love and support the previous comment. To add my own anecdote: I am a half-black, half-white person who can pass for just about any race (except white, unfortunately). I remember going into my very first job interview in high school. I had spoken to the interviewer on the phone, and then when I showed up, the interviewer didn't recognize me. "You're [incredibly European name here]?" he asked, incredulously. I assured him I was she, and he then said "You have very good English." All I could say was, "I should hope so, I grew up in America" I've had that conversation several times since, sadly.
  3. VictoriaOosterhout


    Hey Sklars, long time listener, first time being a pedantic jerk: The quote "All the world's a stage..." is also Shakespeare. It's from Macbeth. It's possible you already knew that, and you were just joking about it being a Rush quote; I sometimes find it hard to tell. As someone who doesn't care about sports, I am super addicted to this podcast. I've listened to every episode. Keep up the good work!
  4. I have a tamer example mass hysteria: When I was in middle school I was part of a mandatory winter chorus concert. I was one of about 120 kids arranged on a stage to sing holiday songs. One girl fainted early-concert. It was a probably a mixture of stage fright (due to the concert being mandatory), the heat from the stage lights, and dehydration (just a guess). In the span of 10 minutes, 5 more kids fainted. Of course, being a 6th grader, I didn't label this as "mass hysteria" at the time, that realization came later. It's not quite as intriguing as "toxic blood syndrome", but such things are always crazy to watch happen in real time.
  5. VictoriaOosterhout

    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    Omissions: This is ostensibly a kids movie, yet when they go to meet Molly Rex after her show, the camera lingers on her while she gets undressed! I mean, they did the whole "hitching up the dress to remove a stocking" shot. What's with the sexualization of female dinosaurs? Also, I'm willing to accept the fact that Teddy and Molly are in luv the moment they meet (because of glands, or whatever), but Teddy still leaves a woman he met an hour ago stay in his apartment overnight, which is an odd, overly-trusting decision for a dinosaur who is a wannabe detective/cop. Even more chilling is that the red-eyed goonies knew A) The 2 people that Whoopie and Teddy cared about most and B ) where to find them. Ok, so, maybe the goons followed the kid back from the hockey courts to his house, but how would the goons know that Molly was at Teddy's house? Teddy fell in love with Molly an hour before they kidnapped her. They had no way of knowing that she mattered the most to him.
  6. VictoriaOosterhout

    EPISODE 20 - Death Valley

    Paul, I had to create an account just to defend trains. When I was a poor, car-less, college student, I would frequently take the train from Boston to D.C. and back again. Round trip train tickets were cheaper than plane tickets, and the time I lost spent on the slower form of transportation was mitigated by the fact that I didn't have to show up early to the train station--everything was so easy. There was no baggage check, no security lines, just hop on the train and go. I also never encountered any racists on the train. Then again, as a black person, racists have a tendency to avoid talking to me anyways. Not that I'm complaining.