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    Formula 51 (2001)

    this movies is one of the most coo coo bananas movies i have ever seen and yet thoroughly enjoyed you got samuel L jackson as a drug kingpin's chemist named elmo mcelroy who inexplicibly wears a kilt the whole movie, you got meatloaf as a drug kingpin named the lizard who refers to himself in the third person(by the way the lizard is not pleased), and you got rhys ifans as some kind of criminal who is comepletly insane. to give you an idea at one point he is setting up a meeting over the phone its a totally normal no nonsense call and then when he gets off the phone he rips off his coat revealing himself in a bra and panties and rubs his nipples. this comes out of nowhere ends suddenly and is in no way set up or referenced in the context of the movie. and i almost forgot when elmo makes some neo nazis have eplosive diarrhea all over themselves and i mean extremly graphic on the floor writhing in pain smearing shit all over themselves and the floor diarrhea. this movie is amazing and the guys have got to do it