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  1. Guys, this sucks. I mean, Devin pissed me off so bad I quit listening for months. I wrote an angry post on the old Wolfpop board that became such a long thread that it was referenced on the following episode. But I'll just say it, I'm gonna miss him.


    What episode was it referenced on? Do you have a link to the thread?

  2. Because after nearly a hundred episodes of this podcast, everyone on this forum has been called a racist, homophobic, misogynist because they voted differently on a movie than Devin did?


    Sure pal.


    And I'd argue that this place exists in a vacuum where he has a vested interest in not stirring up the shit he does everywhere.

  3. A person can be a jerk, an asshole, or a bully and not sexually assault someone (and vice-versa), so I'm not going to grab a pitchfork for that particular witch-hunt.


    I'm conflicted because the Devin I'm familiar with (starting with The Canon and from there Birth.Movies.Death.) was sometimes a jerk/asshole/bully whom I often disagreed with, but also a smart, insightful writer on cinema who frequently espoused pro-feminist, pro-LGBT, anti-racist causes (all of which will be tainted now, but that's how it goes). So learning about his past and his transgressions is total whiplash for me, to say the least...


    That being said, it seems Devin has owned up, and the victim - no question the protagonist here - I'm sure lives with a pain and scars I'll never understand, but at the very least seems to have come to an "amicable" (not sure if there's even a good word for it) conclusion with those involved, and seems ready to move on. I'll do the same.


    That being said, I'm also 100% on-board with an Amy-led Canon if she's up for it, but totally understand if not. To end on a positive note, check out Amy's Skillset podcast. It's fantastic.



    No, he still refers to them as allegations and resigns without any explicit ownership because the comment sections of his articles would be flooded "every single god-damn day". He's resigning because the allegations would be a distraction to BMD and Alamo Drafthouse (who I assumed forced him to resign). The problem here is that Devin is not someone you know. He's a guy who, yes, has a vast knowledge and understanding of cinema, but he's also a reprehensible human being (not even taking this incident into account) who has left websites like the Clintons left the White House and let his SJW agenda influence his work. He's responsible for the movement in film criticism where if you simply voice that you don't like something (whether it's because of quality or it just doesn't speak to you), then FUCK YOU you racist, homophobic misogynist.


    Love it when this kind of hypocrisy is exposed.

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  4. Wow, lately the episodes have been up on a Wednesday, so to see the minisode up so soon is a treat! And to have another Van Damme movie before the other live show from this month? Crazy.


    I think they've been playing a bit of catch-up to get back on track after missing a few weeks a short while ago.


    Paul: Thanks for pronouncing my name just like my Freshman Spanish Teacher!

  5. I finally figured it out the mystery of the Briefs Pull-up moment after watching it more times than I should've at work:


    The pulling up the briefs is an editor's mistake. JVCD kept his briefs just covering his asscheeks before the take started, but is waiting for the director to call "Action" so he can pop them under his asscheeks to simulate the full roll-up. JCVD, the consummate professional that he is, is trying to give the editor enough coverage, who then proceeds to drop the ball with a poor cut.


    Omission/Fun Fact: JCVD is an uncredited editor on this one.

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